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Join the fight to save Middle Earth, or destroy it.

Build your armies and cities to sweep across the land.

Defeat your enemies and grow in power and prestige, become the true ruler of middle earth.

In The Hobbit you join the war between the elves and dwarves while evil forces grow in power and try to burn the kingdom to the ground. First you can choose one of the three available races, each has it’s own unique units, buildings and play-style, then you start your adventure in Middle Earth as your goal is to build your town, raise an army, recruit heroes and march into battles with the inhabitants of the world.

If you are familiar with other strategy games from Kabam, then you would be familiar with the core game mechanics. In the city view you can build your buildings, train units and collect resources. There are four types of resources that are accumulated automatically each second, each with his own uses. You can only build or upgrade one building in a time, and since there are many buildings to build and upgrade it gets a bit frustrating after level 3-4 as buildings takes considerably more time to upgrade. You can research technologies to improve the economy, building time and army.

Once your economy starts rolling it’s time to recruit army units, as with higher level barracks, forge and armory you will gain access to better and stronger units. Each type of unit has different attributes, and building the right army composition is key to win battles. In the barracks you can also upgrade your units further, increasing their power and battle efficiency. Training units takes quite a lot of time which is annoying when training large amounts of units at a time. Unlike other Kabam games, it is impossible to queue multiple units as building additional barracks only reduces the training time.

The long training time is noticeable once you try your power in conquering the terrain surrounding you or fighting other players. Combat in The Hobbit is different than other strategy games, after you choose your target you can pick a hero and the army associated with him and click where you want to deploy the army. Then you can control the army in real time and target which of the approaching enemies you want to fight.

Victory is achieved by destroying the city center, but you can continue destroying the base for extra rewards and experience. Conquering wilds will grant you an increase in resource production which is quite helpful. Don’t think low level enemies are easy though, as even with large armies I found that level 4 monsters can annihilate my army, which makes retraining them much more frustrating after a total defeat.

The game makes use of the Hobbit’s lore and characters as you can recruit famous character like Legolas and Blibo to lead your armies. Though you can’t equip your heroes with items, they do improve over time, increasing their battle power and army capacity.

The game graphics are pretty good for a browser game, the animation is cool and the region and world maps are highly detailed. The music is appropriate to the theme and quite enjoyable.

The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age is an overall pretty good browser strategy game, using the world Tolkien created to enrich the good game-play and game mechanics. The unique combat system, the big world, quests and alliances you can forge are great and will make your experience in the Middle Earth an enjoyable one. The Hobbit Summary