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3D Magic
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Welcome to the land of Taborea, explore a new continent from it’s beaches to ice covered peaks.

Recover lost artifacts as you adventure across forbidding territories.

Join up with friends and build your own guild castle.

Runes of Magic is packed with content, you start by choosing one of the three available races which will decide your starting position and some of your talents, you then pick a class from the six that are available to that race. The world is huge as Runes of Magic features more than 20 regions, each with its own little zones that can be accessed rather easily.

Each area consists with many NPCs handing out quests, vendors and of course, monsters to kill, either for loot or for quests. The quests are pretty well designed, they are more than just kill some monsters or carrier quests as some require using different quest items and finding items in order to finish them. Quests are easily tracked and have automated movement when you don’t know where someone is which is quite helpful. Since you cannot choose the distribution of your basic attributes, the customization in your character comes from the various skills you choose to use and your equipment.

Once you reach level 10 you are able to pick a sub-class to complete your character, the sub class will add a percent of it’s stats as well as granting some unique skills exclusive to the class combination, making your character much more powerful and taking your play style to its limit.

There is plenty of stuff to do in the game as it is truly a role playing game, you can create many items from potions to armor, based on your skill and recipes of the appropriate crafting trait. Purchasing a house, furniture and special items will increase your gaming experience. You can also get married to another character and receive special in game bonuses and status. For those of you with green thumbs, you can even learn to be a gardener and grow plants.

There is a great deal of lore behind Runes of Magic, some quests involve learning the history of the land and acquiring books you can read to widen your knowledge, which gives you the feeling of a real, life-like world.

Runes of Magic’s PVP system is decent, you can fight people wherever you like, using your skills and abilities to defeat them. You can also fight people from other servers as the game features a cross-server PVP system, in which you can enter a battlefield and accept challenges from other servers in order to find out who is the best player.

Instance dungeons will provide an endless source of challenges, you can try a raid in order to take down mighty beasts or enter a PVP dungeon, where you will fight other groups of people, as team work is the key to win these dungeons, what is better than doing them with your guild members?

Guilds are an integral component in runes of magic. In a guild you can share your thoughts, meet new people and of course plan raids and events. Building your guild castle requires an effort of all the guild members, as you will need to scour the land for resources in order to be able to build your castle. Once built, it provides a safe place for guild members to meet as well as special bonuses depends on your guild castle improvements. The higher level your guild is, the better improvements you can get for your castle, enhancing the abilities of all your guild members and provides various helpful bonuses in order to make your time in the world as enjoyable as it can be.

Rune of Magic is an ever growing game, there are constant updates giving more quests to do and more monsters to take down. New chapters will provide more content, such as raised level cap, new dungeons and even new classes and races, so grab your character and enter the world of runes of magic, your epic journey awaits. Runes of Magic Summary

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Recover lost artifacts as you adventure across forbidding territories.

Join up with friends and build your own guild castle.
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