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Games Like Drakensang Online

Top 10 Games Like Drakensang Online
Create your hero and begin your adventure.

Fight your way through hordes of monsters for awesome rewards.

Play with or against other people and claim your right as the mightiest warrior in the land.


Player vs Player (PvP) 3.5 Rate War Metal Tyrant is an online CCG with interactive battles and a storyline!

Gather your Imperial forces to defend against a massive onslaught from the brutal Raiders, vile Bloodthirsty beasts, and the mysterious Xenos.

Play with friends from anywhere from your favorite browser and show them who is the best player.
Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story

Anime Player vs Player (PvP) 8.5 Rate Lunaria Story is a Free to Play Browser based MMO Game. Choose your path, the Swordsman, Elementalist or Hunter and forge your way through Lunaria.

Gain levels and equipment that you can personalise and upgrade as you travel through this magical and cute world.

Join a guild and work together to defeat epic monsters or face off against another guild in a PvP arena.


Player vs Player (PvP) - Rate Play an exciting and fast paced shooter game where the fastest of reflexes are necessary.

Upgrade your weapons and become a feared player as you progress through the game.

Switch into 3D mode for more accurate aiming when you’re head to head with someone.
Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit

Shooting Player vs Player (PvP) 7.5 Rate Enter an exciting galaxy filled with chaos and destruction wherever you look.

Take on other players in fast paced PvP duels.

Complete quests and earn yourself some big incentives that will help you out greatly.
Pit of War

Pit of War

War Player vs Player (PvP) 8 Rate Become a gladiator and fight for your life.

Kill enemies from all over the world.

A bloody gladiator experience in your browser.


Player vs Player (PvP) - Rate Enter the Edgeworld and its fight for control of valuable resources.

Build your city and armies for attack and defense.

Join an alliance and become the dominant force in Edgeworld.
Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones

Player vs Player (PvP) 8 Rate Choose your House and rise to power and glory in the land of Westeros.

Begin your conquest on the field of battle or in the terrors of the night.

Join the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms on your path to victory and claim the Iron throne.
Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima

Player vs Player (PvP) - Rate Enter the amazingly rich world of Ultima.

Forge your place by building a great city, and an even greater army.

Trade or Fight your way to the very top alone or in an alliance.
My Lands Black Gem Hunting

My Lands

Player vs Player (PvP) - Rate Welcome to My Lands, a place full of danger and diplomacy! Create your city and choose your path to greatness in one of the best strategy games ever.

Build and upgrade your city or even multiple cities.

Train your armies to defend or attack at your command.

Join clans to complete missions together, or take over the world!


Player vs Player (PvP) 8.3 Rate Enter a virtual version of your own country.

Play politics and business to become an important figure in your own country.

Wage war on your enemies and increase your own standing.