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4 Most Popular 2048 Game Themes

Rate this Article 2048's success brought forth a number of variations. What's good about this is none of them took away any of the original puzzle slider's exciting aspects. MMO Square - 4 Most Popular 2048 Game Themes

2048? Collaborations? Why not?

2048 is a puzzle game with a lot of potential for innovation. Its openness to customization is why several variants of the game are made as early as the first few days of its release. Themed 2048 games are a common sight. Literally, there’s a 2048 game for just about any aspect you can think of. From food themes to pop culture, there’s a sliding puzzle waiting to tickle your fancy.

Going through every single creative variant of 2048 is a very long ride, so let’s dig into some of the most popular fusions of our beloved sliding tile puzzle and some of the greatest franchises to hit the mainstream. While none of these are official material, don’t let that distract you from having fun with a what-if minigame using well-loved franchise icons. While there are other 2048 games you can enjoy, why not take a look at some of the popular 2048 game themes today?

Pokemon 2048

2048 Pokemon

This gets you a good start on what an actual Pokemon 2048 can look like. It won’t have any gimmicks such as Evolution or other power-ups, but it’s an excellent time-spender as you work your way to getting Mewtwo to appear. The monsters used are mostly from the Kanto Region, with a few surprises thrown in between. This takes the grid’s appearance from the base 2048 design. Everything else plays like the original game – save for the pocket monster pictures that will replace the numeric values you’re more likely accustomed to.

Dragon Ball Z 2048

DBZ 2048

Looking for a casual puzzle involving a journey through Son Goku’s power levels? You can start with 2048DBZ. You’ll be running a trip through Memory Lane from his days in the original Dragon Ball anime to his SSJ4 form seen in Dragon Ball GT. The Saiyan race has many forms when powering up, making it perfect for a 2048 picture render. This game’s written in Spanish (Latin America), but that won’t get in the way if you know how to play the base 2048 game. Also, setting up a new game means refreshing your browser, so be careful before hammering that F5 key.

Minecraft 2048

Mincecraft 2048

This is less of a picture-based 2048 and more of the original game with Minecraft tiles. What’s good about Minecraft 2048 is you can easily strategize how you’re going to take a crack at it – just like the original. The number squares are completely distinguishable and you can still see the numbers. This is great for people who like doing speed runs. You can also continue playing even if you get past 2048. What does that mean for you? Higher top scores and crazier number tiles.

Fortnite 2048

Fortnite 2048

Fan-favorite characters from the famed battle royale franchise made their way, albeit unofficially, to the casual slider puzzle. Fortnite 2048 is another number-in-picture 2048 layout, with more emphasis on the characters without sacrificing the visibility of each tile’s number value. This adaptation has taken much of the original 2048’s features combined with its own gimmicks. You can enlarge the screen by using the mouse wheel or by pinching the touchscreen.

No matter the layout, 2048 games offer a variety of ways to be enjoyed. You can read up on how you can win in 2048 - in case this is your first jump into the casual puzzle game.

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