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5 MMO Games You Can Still Play on Facebook

Rate this Article Facebook games are far from done. Here are some titles that are still alive and kicking quite well. MMO Square - 5 MMO Games You Can Still Play on Facebook

The last decade has been a boom in Facebook games. It started gaining attention with Zynga’s FarmVille taking the lead. Soon, more games from other genres were discovered to be playable. Playing on a web browser took a backseat with the entrance of mobile apps being the preferred gaming platform for many.

But we’d all wonder. What happened to those games we used to log on to our social media accounts for?

Great news! Some of these old-time games are still up and running. Now’s your chance to rediscover a good number of them and maybe enjoy the good ol’ days. Since these are multiplayer, finding friends to enjoy these games with is easier.

Here are some MMO games you can still play on Facebook:

Blockade 3D

Blockade 3D

The popularity of Minecraft inspired developers to create their own voxel-based games. Blockade 3D is a reminder of those times.

This is an easy-to-play multiplayer FPS. There are several game modes to choose from. What do you do most of the time with shooters? Reaching the objective and eliminating all enemies are your standard fare. You can even create your own map and attract other players for a few rounds.

Interested to know more? We have our review on the game available.

Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates is a Facebook MMORTS where you build ships, create a formidable navy, and take on other players in a never-ending quest for control and resources.

Much of the game focuses on base-building and ship construction. There are many things to keep you preoccupied from building your naval presence, upgrading facilities, and to seizing other players’ resources. There is a plethora of ship modules to discover, upgrade, mix, and match. Find your best layout and overwhelm the opposition with your designs.

Check out our review about what we think of it.

Hero Zero

Hero Zero

Hero Zero is a superhero-themed MMORPG where you create and customize your looks and abilities.

This makes use of a simplified character progression by building 4 attributes instead of the common 6-stats system. The game brings you to mission-based combat where you must deal with troublemakers daring to disturb the peace in your hometown. A stamina system is used to take on missions, making you plan on where to use your energy in a given playing session.

There’s also PvP, where you pit your build against another player’s.

We have a review that covers more points to help you decide.

Viking Clan

Viking Clan

Are you a fan of text-based RPGs? Viking Clan is an MMO version that can pique your interest.

While reading through texts takes a little longer to get used to compared to even the menu-heavy JRPG format, Viking Clan has a tutorial that is more than enough to cover adventuring basics. There’s a degree of variation on what to do in this game. You can farm, grind, and develop your best warrior to your heart’s content.

If you’d like to know more on what to expect, why not give our review a read?

Thunder Run: War of Clans

Thunder Run: War of Clans

Fans of the combat style incorporated in MMORTS titles like Clash of Clans will find Thunder Run: War of Clans an easy favorite.

This is an army-against-army multiplayer strategy game based on modern-day soldiers and vehicles. Build your base, bolster your forces, and take on rival players. Taking out enemy encampments is going to be a combination to having the right units to deal with defenses, the proper timing to deploy supporting fire, and a a little luck in poking at the right points to exploit defensive breaches.

This review article will cover what you need to know about this game.

And that’s the wrap. There are more great Facebook games out there, waiting on you to discover them.

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