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5 Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2017

Rate this Article With so many great free-to-play (F2P) games released this year, one can only wonder what awesome games we could look forward to in the next year... MMO Square - 5 Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2017

2016 has been pretty good year to the gaming industry. With so many great free-to-play (F2P) games released this year, one can only wonder what awesome games we could look forward to in the next year...

... and well, why wonder when you can get the answer right here? Like the year before, we are honored to bring to you our list of the top 5 most anticipated, free-to-play MMO games for 2017!

#1 Revelation Online

If you’ve been seeing some gameplay videos of beautiful anime-like characters flying seamlessly through the air and thought that the game looks amazingly fun... well, chances are you’ve already been introduced to Revelation Online.

Developed by NetEase Games and published by, this picturesque MMORPG features aerial combat that guarantees to be even more epic than in Aion couple that with the fluid, action-based combat that we love from Blade & Soul... in addition to the tons of game features that most MMORPGs offer including intense PvP combat, magnificently-crafted worlds to explore, loads of challenging dungeons to raid and quests to do.

Due to this, Revelation Online might just become one of the biggest MMORPGs released in 2017. The game is currently in its closed beta phase and is slated to be released early 2017... possibly within the first quarter of the year. If you’re interested to be among the first to try the game, be sure to drop by their website and sign up for beta.

#2 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

We might be a bit biased when it comes to assigning a number to this game because, honestly speaking, we are huge fans of The Witcher series. If you play The Witcher 3, you’ll probably fall in love with the ingenuity of the game’s most popular and perhaps one of the most innovative and interesting “mini-games” ever invented for an RPG... a collectible card game that goes by the name, Gwent.

Well, the developers are now bringing Gwent from The Witcher 3 to the masses with their upcoming The Witcher-themed and Gwent-based collectible card game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game! The concept is very simple to grasp but the gameplay is quite skill-based. It is like poker to a certain degree. Like poker, luck still plays a pretty large role, but in Gwent, the ability to bluff convincingly, anticipate your opponent’s moves, and build a good deck are crucial to obtaining victory.

Gwent is currently in closed beta. However, considering that since most of the groundwork of the game, such as the game mechanics and the rules, have already been set, it is very likely that the game will be able to make the 2017 release. Best yet, unlike the other games in The Witcher series, Gwent will be completely free to play.

Interested? Well, don’t forget to register and join the game’s beta!

#3 Gigantic

There has been a pretty dry patch for new MOBA/TPS games these days and honestly, it’s a welcome gust of breath when Gigantic finally enters open beta this year. Naturally, we have already tried the game out (to some extent) and it was F.U.N! Capital letters all completely intended. The review’s pending of course, but we could still give you a glimpse of what Gigantic is all about.

Generally, the game is at its core a 5-vs-5 PvP-oriented MOBA. There is a nice selection of heroes that you can play as and maps with multiple lanes. However, the game doesn’t have towers. Instead, you summon huge creatures (1 of 3 types) that will be stationed there. These creatures can be evolved too.

Fights between heroes are mainly centered around these creatures and each point you gain for your team will be added to a meter. Once the meter is filled, your team’s Guardian will then dive into battle and start attacking the opposing team’s Guardian.

Sounds like fun? You could give Gigantic a try today... since it’s currently in open beta and all.

#4 Cloud Pirates

We’ve done a blog post for Cloud Pirates featuring its gameplay and graphics, but... well, we’ll just show it to you again because it’s awesome!

Published by, Cloud Pirates is an aerial arena-combat MMO game whereby squadrons of amazing player-designed and customized airships clash in the skies in an exciting tactical team-based combat. Being the bread and butter of the game, the customization for the airships in Cloud Pirates are incredibly detailed, allowing you to not only swap out weapons, add upgrades and put on cosmetics; you could even develop your captain and handpick your crew.

For players who play any of Wargaming’s games, especially World of Warships, you’ll realize a couple of similarities between these 2 games. The gameplay is pretty strategic too. You and your team can perhaps choose to outwit your opponents and rush to the capture point or loot, or to fight them head on and beat them with cannon power! The whole game is even backed up with a really interesting storyline.

Although it is technically supposed to be released in 2016, the game’s still currently in its beta phase. However, it doesn’t seem long before Cloud Pirates will be released. Until then, you can head over to their website, sign up for beta and hope for the best!

#5 Dauntless

Inspired by games like the Dark Souls, Dauntless is an exciting upcoming co-op, action RPG that sets you in an alternate universe where humans are the species that’s being hunted rather than being the hunter. With dwindling numbers and facing imminent extinction, the mightiest of the heroes and heroines of mankind decided to fight back.

In this game, you’ll get to forge powerful weapons and items, band together with friends and embark on a thrilling hunt to take on the ferocious behemoths that threaten your species’ survival in a huge and breathtaking open world. Savor the intense experience of the hunt!

In some way, Dauntless is similar to ARK: Survival Evolved. However, for players who have missed out the chance to try ARK before it switched its model from free-to-play to buy-to-play... well, Dauntless may be able to give you a taste of what the gameplay might be like while adding some flavors of its own. In fact, you may end up enjoying Dauntless more than ARK... who knows, right?

If you’re interested to find out more about the game, be sure to stick around on MMOSquare or you could also enlist for the game’s beta and cross your fingers really, really hard!

That wraps up our top 5 Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2017. If you would like to view the complete list, you can head on over to our part 2 on WWGDB to find out the 6th to the 10th games on the list.

If you think we've missed out any important games, be sure to drop us a message via our Facebook fan page or through this website's contact form and let us know.

Until then, have a happy new year and let's give a warm welcome to the all the amazing MMO games we can look forward to in 2017!

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