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5 of the Best Free MMO Games

Rate this Article With so many Free MMO games to choose from, this list will give you some of the best available out there for you to play. MMO Square - 5 of the Best Free MMO Games

MMO Games are becoming increasingly popular, both as downloadable games and those that are available through browsers. There are so many games for you to choose from, but here you will find a list of some of the best around.

Blacklight Retribution

This game is a deadly MMOFPS. Grabbing a rifle and shooting other players in a friendly environment never gets old. The quick download and easy interface, along with the great variety of weapons, terrific engine and special features makes it a fun gateway whenever you get the itch to headshot your friends.

Shakes and Fidgets

This game is a really easy one to play, you get to do adventures, kill dungeons and battle other opponents to increase your rank. Shakes and Fidgets greatest advantages are it’s simplicity and being a browser based game. It’s hard to stop playing, especially if you join a nice guild and get to know other players.

Allods Online

In the MMORPG market it’s not easy to find free games that can hold a candle to World of Warcraft, seen as the pinnacle of the genre. Allods Online is one of the few that can. With amazing graphics, an intricate world and many different characters it gives a true role playing experience. Since it has everything that makes a good MMORPG, Allods Online sits as one of the best free games available today.

The Settlers Online

Settlers Online is a browser based version of the board game one that you can play from anywhere. The good old fashioned Settlers game in it’s online version is addictive and fun, you rarely run out of stuff to do, especially with the game being updated regularly. With great community and easy access, it’s the perfect background game, allowing you to monitor and control the life of your settlers whenever and wherever you are.

League of Legends

League of Legends is now one if the biggest it not the biggest free MMO out there. Taking on the role of a champion, you fight with friends and allies to defeat your enemies. Playing against NPC's or in a PVP environment the game never stops. With a huge variety of champions to play, each with their own unique abilities and the option to personalise all of them you will never run out of characters. You have the option to play casually or hardcore, and a there is a never ending stream of players to ally with or defeat as such you will never run out of things to do in this game.

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