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Activities in an MMO Game

Rate this Article MMO Games provide a rich canvas and fantastic world settings to play in. But when you are in a world, what do you do? MMO Square - Activities in an MMO Game

In this article we are going to discuss some of the activities available across the MMO genre. While there are a huge range of unique games, many of them have some similarities while still remaining a fantastic individual experience.

Once you have reached the maximum level of a game there are a lot of options available to you. Many of these have a particular term or nickname assigned to them and as we go we will explain what some of these are and what they mean in terms of gameplay. But most of the options discussed here are also available to do as you level your character, and in some games you will be rewarded for doing these activities as you progress.

One of the core principles of any MMO is what is known as end level content, what you do when you are the maximum level, often this is associated with raids. Raids are designed for larger groups of people to get together to explore and fight content specifically designed to be the most challenging in the game. We will cover this a little later, but in order to be able to raid, often there is a bit of preparation involved.

Being able to kill the toughest bosses in the game requires a certain amount of items for your character, often games have a rating system, with green being minor, blue medium and purple for epic items.

There are often several ways to obtain these items, either through traveling the world looking for crafting materials, known as farming or playing through smaller dungeons designed to help you find blue items known as instances.

Farming is a general term for running around a world and either picking up or mining materials, or killing specific monsters for a certain item or type of material such as cloth. This has a variety of uses, from getting enough materials to craft a special item for yourself, or making money by selling the materials to other players.

Another method of obtaining the items you need is to do instances, these are often designed around groups of 5 players, each filling a specific roll and they are often made to be relatively simple to complete and quite fun to play.

Often there are other things for you to collect, potions that increase your power, or new pets that give you certain abilities. Sometimes these items are found only on unique vendors that require a certain reputation, or a number of specific tokens to purchase these items. Building the reputation or tokens for this is often known as grinding.

Grinding out a specific part of the game can often be seen as something that has to be done but is not fun, as the name suggests it is one of the less exciting parts of any given MMO. However, often the rewards for your character balance this out, and it is still something many players do.

Once you have crafted your items or found them in instances you are ready to try and take on the toughest runs in the game with raids. Generally tied in with a story, you will have a reason to enter into the strongholds of the greatest foes the world has seen.

With the best epic items in the game and the most demanding tactics raiding is generally seen as what the end game of am MMO is all about. Requiring a group of organized players getting together and working hard to kill these tough monsters raiding might not be for everyone, but it is amazing fun when you get into it.

Each game is unique and many of them offer other possibilities and options for a maximum level character, what we have covered here are the more general terms and activities around most of the MMO games.

Above all is the enjoyment you get from exploring the world and defeating all who stand before you. Whether you play a relaxed game or push for that toughest raid boss you will find something in any MMO game that you find fun. Whatever you do and however you do it, we hope that your experience is a great one.

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