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Apex Legends Character Guide: Lifeline

Rate this Article If you’re trying to figure out how to perform to the best of your abilities while playing Lifeline then this guide has you covered. MMO Square - Apex Legends Character Guide: Lifeline

While Apex Legends is an extremely well balanced game in which every single character can have a massive impact on the battle, Lifeline is a character that simply seems to do more than others because of her incredible supportive prowess. Even in the worst of situations, Lifeline is a character that can turn the tide of the battle in your team’s favor. With quick thinking and effective use of her abilities, Lifeline is an incredible asset to every single squad.

One of the absolute best things about Lifeline is, of course, her passive. Lifeline’s passive makes her able to use all healing items 25% faster than other legends can. While this might not seem like that much of a supportive passive ability as it only benefits Lifeline herself, there’s actually a lot more to it than meets the eye because the quicker healing allows Lifeline to patch herself up so she can quickly assist her teammates.

The second part of Lifeline’s passive basically spawns a shield wall wherever Lifeline is aiming when she revives a target. This is an incredibly useful ability because it allows you to get cover to revive your teammates no matter where you are. Even if someone in your squad is knocked down in the open, this incredible ability will allow you to get into the fray and revive your teammate without having to worry about incoming fire.

Lifeline’s tactical ability is her D.O.C. healing drone that she deploys in order to heal herself and everyone around her. The ability is pretty simple and straightforward but, at the same time, it’s highly effective as well. Whenever your squad is done with a battle you can simply deploy the drone and all three of you can huddle up close to it to get the healing benefits. This healing process is slightly slower than simply using a Med Kit, though, so only fall back on it when you’re sure you won’t be rushed by other opponents.

Lifeline’s ultimate is pretty much a full-fledged care package that she can call down in order to get top tier gear for herself and her squad members. One crucial thing to remember about this package is the fact that it only drops defensive gear so you shouldn’t expect to get a Kraber sniper rifle or a Mastiff shotgun from it. One effective way to make the most out of Lifeline’s ultimate is by using all the Ultimate Accelerants that come in your path so you can keep calling in a care package after every short while and keep your squad outfitted with the best possible gear.

All said and done, it’s no surprise that Lifeline is one of the most picked characters in Apex Legends given her incredible skillset. If you were hoping to make the most out of her and get some wins under your belt then we certainly hope that this guide had the information you needed to make it all happen.

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