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Apex Legends Character Guide: Mirage

Rate this Article If you want to master the trickster of Apex Legends and deceive opponents on your way to victory then this is a guide that’s definitely for you. MMO Square - Apex Legends Character Guide: Mirage

Mirage is definitely among the most loveable characters in the game due to his fun to use skillset and, of course, his eccentric personality. Whether you’re playing him yourself or have him on your team, Mirage is definitely a worthy asset to have because not only does he bring great banter with his exceptional voice lines but, on top of this, he also has access to some deceptive abilities that, when used properly, will confuse your opponents and allow you to get the upper hand. If you want to rely on trickery then Mirage is definitely a character that you should get the hang of.

Mirage’s passive is an extremely helpful tool that automatically cloaks Mirage as soon as he’s been knocked down and spawns a decoy in his place to distract opponents. One of the best ways to capitalize on the functionality of this passive is by retreating towards your teammates the very second you’re knocked down because there will be a brief window during which you will be invisible and you can use this time to get back to your squad before the opposing players spot you and start honing in for the kill. When used properly, this passive will allow you to avoid a lot of situations in which you’d normally have died and your teammates would’ve had to recover your banner.

Mirage’s tactical ability sends out a decoy to wherever he’s currently aiming and this is an extremely versatile ability that you can use in a variety of different ways. In combat you can simply throw this out anywhere to disrupt the aim of your opponents and, when you’re not in combat, you can send out the decoy to scout your surroundings because it actually reveals where enemies are if someone takes a shot at it. It’s important to remember that the decoy can only walk or run so, if you aim somewhere that’s unreachable without jumping, the decoy won’t be able to get there and will simply stop beforehand.

Mirage’s ultimate is essentially a get out of jail free card that can save you from even the worst of situations. This is an ability that causes mirage to go completely invisible and it also spawns a bunch of different decoys to confuse opponents. This ability is best used to either sneak up on opponents for a surprise attack or to get out of a sticky situation. It’s important to remember, though, that Mirage’s silhouette is still somewhat visible even when he’s cloaked so you should move quickly in order to ensure that no one spots it.

All said and done, Mirage is an extremely capable character in Apex Legends who can deceive his way to victory when utilized properly and we certainly hope that the aforementioned advice will help you out when you pick him the next time you play Apex Legends.

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