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Apex Legends Character Guide: Pathfinder

Rate this Article Pathfinder is a legend who can be a bit difficult to pick up at the beginning but, through this guide, we'll be teaching you all you need to know to excel as the friendly but menacing robot. MMO Square - Apex Legends Character Guide: Pathfinder

Mastering Pathfinder is definitely a lot more challenging than mastering other legends because his abilities take a lot of effort to utilize properly. It goes without saying that your first few games with Pathfinder are definitely going to feel lackluster because you won’t be able to make the most out of his abilities but, as long as you keep trying and keep the advice mentioned in this guide in mind, you’ll be able to master the character and will then be well on your way to getting those wins.

Pathfinder’s simplest ability is definitely his passive, Insider Knowledge. This passive basically allows Pathfinder to scan any survey beacon on the map to reveal the next location of the ring. This is an incredibly useful passive for obvious reasons and, in a recent update, a few more survey beacons were added onto the map as well thereby giving even more strength to this passive. Even in spite of its incredible simplicity, this is a passive that can net you some absolutely massive advantages as long as you remember to use it and capitalize on the information it gives.

Pathfinder’s tactical ability is his grappling hook and this is definitely what defines him as a character as it’s an ability that can have an enormous impact when used right but, when it isn’t used properly, it doesn’t do much at all. This ability throws out a grappling hook through which pathfinder can grapple onto any surface. The true beauty of the grappling hook, though, lies in the fact that you can use it to get the high ground on your opponents immediately and to swing around poles for a quick reposition whenever you’re spotted. The grappling hook can also cover some serious distance when used at the correct angles so we highly recommend practicing this ability as much as possible in order to make the most out of the character.

Pathfinder’s ultimate is an extremely useful gun that deploys a zipline for everyone to use. This ability has a variety of different uses but perhaps one of the most effective ways to utilize it is as a repositioning tool or as a way to escape the circle if you’re low on health. If your team’s position is ever compromised or if you’re taking a lot of damage from the circle, simply deploy a zipline in order to reposition or to cover a distance large enough for you to escape from the circle.

All said and done, Pathfinder is a character who can definitely be a challenge to master but, in the end, it’s all worth the effort because you’ll be able to pull off some absolutely incredible stuns with the zipline and grappling hook once you’ve developed a mastery of Pathfinder.

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