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Apex Legends Character Guide: Wraith

Rate this Article Wraith is a character who’s been popular ever since Apex Legends was released and, in this article, we’ll be teaching you how you can use her abilities to absolutely annihilate your opponents. MMO Square - Apex Legends Character Guide: Wraith

Learning Wraith can be a bit tricky as her abilities are quite easy to mess up with but, when used properly, Wraith can be a force to be reckoned with. A poorly played Wraith is one of the easiest things to deal with in Apex Legends but, at the same time, a competent Wraith player is definitely one of the most fearsome things you can go up against in this game.

Voices from the Void, Wraith’s passive is definitely the easiest part of her kit as it’s quite straightforward and helpful as well. The passive basically makes it so that Wraith gets a warning whenever someone is aiming a shot at her and this, of course, is extremely helpful for obvious reasons. As long as you pay attention to what the voices from the passive have to say and remain mobile, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be able to take a shot at you from long range no matter how much effort they put into the shot.

Wraith’s tactical ability, Into the Void, is extremely powerful and allows her to reposition without any worries. Upon using this ability, Wraith enters the void where she’s safe from all damage and can use her time in this state to change her position on the battlefield. This ability is pretty much a get out of jail free card for when you get ambushed but one thing that you’ll need to remember is that you’ll leave behind a bright trail whenever you move around while in the void and your opponents can actually use this trail to track you which is why it’s important that you move around quickly during this ability to ensure that no one is able to track you down while in this state.

Dimensional Rift is Wraith’s ultimate and it basically allows her to create a portal that can link two different locations on the map. This ability can be an absolute game changer when used properly and one of the best ways to use it is when setting up to ambush opponents. Instead of simply running up to your foes, you can make a portal to them, ambush them and use the portal to easily escape once you’re done. A direct ambush on opponents is usually risky as there’s always a chance that another squad might become part of the fight but, thanks to this ability, you won’t have to worry about this any longer as you’ll simply be able to portal out if things start to escalate.

All said and done, Wraith can be one of the deadliest and most effective characters in Apex Legends when used properly and we definitely recommend keeping all the aforementioned tips in mind so that you may perform better the next time you play as her.

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