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Auto Chess vs Dota Underlords

Rate this Article Auto Chess and Underlords are both spectacular games of the auto chess genre and, in this article, we'll be going into a bit more detail regarding them and highlighting what makes each of them unique and worthwhile. MMO Square - Auto Chess vs Dota Underlords

Auto Chess, originally known as Dota Auto Chess, was among the first games to ignite the auto chess trend because it provided a highly enjoyable and strategic experience to anyone who gave it a shot. The game was originally a mod but, as of recently, a standalone version has been released on the mobile platform for players to enjoy. Dota Underlords, on the other hand, is a game that Valve has put together themselves and it definitely seems to show a lot more polish and finesse than other games of the genre. Nonetheless, though, both games are highly enjoyable and have a lot to offer.

One key difference between both Auto Chess and Dota Underlords is the fact that Auto Chess emphasizes a lot more on late-game gameplay. While the late-game is definitely an important part of every single auto chess game out there, it seems to play a much greater role in Auto Chess becacause it takes a while to develop a full-fledged force in this particular game so most matches tend to drag on for a while but, in the end, they become quite intense and explosive. Dota Underlords, on the other hand, is a game that feels exhilarating from the get-go but the late-game isn’t nearly as intense as that of Auto Chess because the action is spread out throughout the entire match rather than being concentrated at the very end of it.

Items play a huge role in auto chess game and they actually work quite differently in both these games. In Dota Underlords, players are given the ability to choose whatever items they’d like and then combine them whenever it suits their liking and this enables players to fine-tune their play-style exactly according to their liking. Auto Chess, on the other hand, removes the element of choice from this equation so you’ll have to make do with whatever the game gives you. Both these approaches have their own strengths and neither is necessarily better than the other. The system in Auto Chess forces players to adapt to the situation at hand whereas the system in Dota Underlords enables more planned gameplay.

The visuals of both these games have separate styles as well. Dota Underlords is a game that, much like the actual DotA 2, features a dark and gritty art style but, on the other hand, Auto Chess seems to have a much more vibrant look. Regardless of approach, though, both these games are a treat to look at and do not cease to impress at all as far as the visuals are concerned.

All said and done, both Dota Underlords and Auto Chess are exciting games that have helped propel the auto chess genre even further and, if you ever get the chance to do so, we definitely recommend trying them out.

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