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Best Weapons to Use in Season 2 of Apex Legends

Rate this Article Season 2 of Apex Legends brought with it an array of weapon balance changes that have certainly shifted up the meta quite a bit and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the current top tier weapons that you can use in the game. MMO Square - Best Weapons to Use in Season 2 of Apex Legends

The season 2 update of Apex Legends introduced a wide variety of changes to several of the game’s weapons in order to rebalance the game and bring it to a more stable state. Alongside these balance changes, the update also brought a new legendary weapon into the mix and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the weapons that are currently highly impactful in the game and can help you turn the tide of any battle in your favor when used properly.

The following are the weapons that we believe are currently the most effective in the game.

1: Alternator with Disruptor Rounds Hop-up

The Alternator by default isn’t that impressive of a gun and players usually switch it out for an R99 or an R301 the first chance they get but the season 2 update added a new hop-up that you can equip onto the alternator in order to increase the damage it deals to shields. This particular hop-up boosts damages to shields by an absolutely enormous amount and you’ll be able to absolutely shred through your opponents regardless of their shield level whenever it’s equipped.

2: P2020 or Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-up

The P2020, along with the Mozambique, has always been a weapon that players forgo in favor of something more impactful and powerful but the new Hammerpoint rounds hop-up introduced with the season 2 update has elevated these weapons to a whole new level. This hop-up increases damage dealt to unarmored opponents and, with it equipped, the Mozambique can deal 100 damage per shot if all the projectiles land and the P2020 deals 35 damage per shot and these are some pretty significant numbers that can annihilate your opponents as long as your shots land.

3: L-Star

The L-Star is an energy machine gun that has a distinct advantage over other weapons in the fact that its projectiles are significantly larger than traditional bullet projectiles and this is why not only is it easier to connect shots with opponents but, alongside this, this weapon is also able to open doors from afar which, in turn, will allow your team to capitalize by throwing grenades and other utility. It’s crucial to remember, though, that the L-star overheats when sprayed for too long so you’ll need to keep this particular factor in mind.

4: Flatline

The Flatline is a rifle that, up until season 2, wasn’t really used by many because of its insanely hard to manage recoil and the lackluster damage per shot but the latest update improved the damage of the weapon by a significant amount. The Flatline in season 2 has become a devastating weapon that’s favored by many players thanks to its ability to deal an insane amount of damage both up close and afar.

All things considered, the aforementioned weapons are those that we feel have the highest potential in season 2 and we absolutely recommend trying them out if you get the chance to do so because they’ll give you exactly what you need to wreak havoc on your opponents.

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