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Building a Proper Character in MMORPGs

Rate this Article To you, the most important person in an MMORPG game is of course your very own character. In this article we’ll be giving out a few tips that you can utilize to make sure that your character is one of the very best across the entire player-base. MMO Square - Building a Proper Character in MMORPGs

There are lots of things to consider when you’re building a character. We won’t go into to looks in this article as that’s completely up to your preference, we’ll instead be talking about things that can actually influence the gameplay in various different ways. If you keep these tips in mind throught your play-through of any MMORPG, you’re bound to have a character that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the standard crowd.

The first thing you should always decide in an MMORPG is what role you want to play with your character. This isn’t just an on-the-fly decision that you must make whenever you please, it’s something that must be thought through before hand because this decision will heavily influence the class you pick in these games. For example, if you’re a player who wants to be in the frontlines a lot then you probably shouldn’t pick a mage, pick a warrior instead. Or, if you’re someone who likes to stealthiliy pick targets off one by one, you probably want to get with an assassin/rogue class instead of the other options available.

Skill builds are something that should always be pulled off with proper research beforehand or else you’ll probably end up with a character that can’t even do what it was originally designed for. Naturally, pretty much every single class in every single MMORPG out there comes with a pretty massive skill tree that’s packed with tons of abilities for use. However, what players usually don’t realize is that not all these abilities synergize well with each other. To get a proper skill-build, always try to fully read all the information mentioned in the skill’s dialogue box before leveling up to make sure that you don’t end up putting crucial points into something that you won’t even use later on.

Items are an absolutely essential component of every single character. To be the best, you need the best equipment and in cases where the best equipment is out of your reach, you should at least be using gear that’s fine-tuned to fit your character’s play-style. For instance, if you’re playing an assassin/rogue class, you should always try to equip two single handed weapons as they have good attack speed that works wonders for your combos. Similarly, imagine using swords with characters such as priests, that probably won’t end welll since priests are designed to make use of things like staffs and orbs to dish out their spells.

All things considered, we can guarantee that if you keep the above mentioned tips and tricks in mind when playing any MMORPG, you’re absolutely certain to end up with a character that’s head and shoulders above other similar characters. While on the topic of MMORPGs, we’d like to recommend that you try a few out as they’re great fun to play.

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