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Can You Get Far in MMOs Without Spending Money?

Rate this Article Cash shops are a pretty massive component of every single mmo game out there but here we'll be talking about whether or not they're truly necessary and can you progress without them. MMO Square - Can You Get Far in MMOs Without Spending Money?

There’s no doubting the fact that the ultimate goal that every player looks forward to achieving in every single MMO is to become very high level and basically better than the rest of the player-base. There are many ways through which players can get to such a status but in this article we’ll be focusing on whether or not it’s possible to reach such a high level without actually spending any money.

First off, before going into any further detail it’d be best to talk about the things that you can acquire by spending real world money in these games. Each MMO game usually comes with a cash shop of its own and in this cash shop you can spend the game’s premium currency to purchase various kinds of items. The premium currency is of course acquired through real world money however some games allow players to acquire it through in-game means.

In any cash shop, you’ll usually find a ton of unique and interesting stuff that’s otherwise unavailable for purchase through standard in-game means. This stuff includes things like rare potions that can modify the look of your character in various different ways, special equipment that can give you a really big boost of power for a temporary period or some special potions that will enhance the overall statistics of your character by quite a bit. All these things definitely seem like the kind of stuff players can use to make some really big progress.

To answer this question simply, it is definitely possible to get really far ahead in MMO games without spending a single dime on in-game content. Our main reasoning behind this answer is the fact that even though cash shop content can provide players with a pretty massive edge it is in no way compulsory. To progress through any MMO you’re usually required to slay fierce monsters or complete the in-game quests and if you’re a skilled player you’ll see that while these activities might be a tad bit more difficult without the help of cash shop items, they are still quite doable and anyone can complete them once they set their mind to it.

Another thing that allows players to get ahead in MMO games without spending actual money is making smart use of the game’s trading systems. Basically, if you play the game enough then you’re bound to come across some rare items or equipment whether they’re from a quest, a dungeon or whatever. These rare items can often times be traded with other players who are looking for them in exchange for stuff from the cash shop. This method allows you to acquire items that usually cost real world money for absolutely free which is great for obvious reasons.

To answer the question simply, yes, you can most certainly progress quite far into any MMO game without spending any actual money on it. While on the subject we want to point out that MMOs are great fun to play so you should definitely try a few out.

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