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Cosplaying in League of Legends

Rate this Article Cosplaying was once something that was relatively unheard of but over the years it has become one of the most popular trends in history. In this article we’ll be talking in a bit more detail about cosplaying and how League of Legends has impacted it. MMO Square - Cosplaying in League of Legends

In all honesty, it’s no surprise that League of Legends has become such a hot topic for all the modern day cosplay fans. Cosplayers almost always tend to target characters that are appealing, have awesome design and have an actual story behind them and the characters in League of Legends have all three of these traits which is why so many cosplayers nowadays tend to pick the champions from this game and try their best to look like them.

One of the most impressive parts about the League of Legends cosplaying community is how dedicated the people are in it. League of Legends champions have some really complex designs, some are ninjas, some wield high tech weapons and some are really futuristic so it can be quite hard to design costumes that capture the essence of these characters but the amazing people of the community still manage to pull it off by putting in countless hours of effort into their costumes and it certainly pays off for them in the end because they look incredible.

Perhaps the best thing about cosplay is that it brings together players who share the same love for a specific character. Over the years many people have become friends simply due to the fact that they were cosplaying as the same character and happened to run into each other. It also allows the players to re-enact scenarios that have actually happened in the game for example the interactions between Kayle and Morgana who are both fierce rivals. There have been also been re-enactments of fights between Shen and Zed who were both close friends at one time but eventually became rivals as Zed strayed towards the dark side.

Cosplay events have become extremely popular in recent days. Every year there are multitudes of events in which people get to dress up as their favorite League of Legends character and enjoy the day alongside their fellow players. The fact that players travel thousands of miles and leave visit foreign countries simply to be a part of these events is a testament to how popular they’ve become.

Cosplaying has also evolved quite a bit with the passage of time as well. League of Legends is a game that’s been out for over six years now and in this time period the game has seen the release of many new champions that are an absolute delight to look at and have dialogue that can make pretty much anyone a fan. For example there’s Zed, a very cool ninja that many people love to cosplay. There’s also Ahri who is also a favorite among female cosplayers because of her magical prowess and her amazing look.

All things considered, cosplaying might have been uncommon a few years back but as of today it’s one of the most popular things out there and games like League of Legends have had a pretty big impact on how it’s evolved.

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