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Cross-platform Gaming is Wonderful, and Plarium is Taking Advantage

Rate this Article Cross-platform gaming, or crossplay, is an essential aspect of gaming today due to a variety of reasons. Plarium, a renowned developer based in different countries around the world, is taking full advantage. MMO Square - Cross-platform Gaming is Wonderful, and Plarium is Taking Advantage

Cross-platform gaming, better known as crossplay, is a critical aspect of gaming today. It yells convenience and accessibility while enabling players to connect with others regardless of platform. Moreover, consider this: gamers today own multiple devices, so it’s natural for them to want their games to be available on all.

Despite sounding like a rather basic concept, crossplay is relatively new. It became a norm and made headlines when Sony finally caved and allowed Fortnite to be a crossplay title, paving the way for other developers. However, this mainly applied to console-to-PC and console-to-console, like enabling PlayStation players to get on the Battle Bus with their Xbox One friends.

Mech Arena is one of Plarium's flagship titles

Today, PC-to-mobile and vice-versa is a more active frontier, with many developers creating software to make their games compatible on both platforms. Of course, the most notable names are BlueStacks and the subject of this piece, Plarium. The latter is known for creating top-tier and famous mobile games, like RAID: Shadow Legends and Mech Arena.

Plarium and crossplay

RAID: Shadow Legends is their flagship game

For Plarium, crossplay is key. On mobile, you can download their games on Google Play or iOS, depending on your phone. In addition to mobile, many of their titles are available on PC via their own gaming platform, Plarium Play.

The launcher lets players dive into their favorite Plarium-developed titles on PC, continuing their progress on mobile. If you’re interested in getting started in RAID or want to build your Viking empire, then you can get started on Plarium Play.

Why is cross-platform important in this day and age?

Vikings: War of Clans is Plarium's Vikings-inspired RTS

Cross-platform play is crucial for several reasons, and developers wouldn’t invest in this capability if it weren’t.

It connects gamers
One of the reasons why the Sony and Fortnite issue was so significant is that the former’s defeat paved the way for ALL gamers to connect regardless of their device. Plarium and other devs have followed suit, making their mobile games playable on PC. Who knows, we might see their titles on consoles soon, especially their top-grossing titles.

Continue playing regardless of the platform
Portability is an issue on PC and consoles. You can’t play Counter-Strike during a long commute, nor can you dive into God of War because you cannot bring a PS4 and TV.

Cross-platform gaming enables you to dive into your favorite games regardless of the device. Apart from Plarium, there are also HTML5 sites that let you dive into casual משחקים on both PC and mobile browsers.

By being available regardless of platform, games become more accessible. Accessibility enables more players to dive into what you have to offer, may they be free HTML5 games or F2P mobile experiences. Plus, it also speaks convenience. After all, some players may prefer playing RAID on a PC, not on a mobile phone.

Overall, cross-platform gaming is wonderful, allowing us to enjoy the games we want with the people we wish to spend time with. Plarium, a developer with a massive portfolio of mobile games, has taken note by enabling their fanbase to have access to their games on PC via Plarium Play. We may see more developers and publishers follow suit, and if they do, the better will it be for us gamers.

So, what do you think? Will cross-platform gaming continue to grow?

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