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Gameplay Tips for Undead Nation: Last Shelter

Rate this Article Here are some tips you might find handy when you’ve begun playing this zombie apocalypse epic called Undead Nation: Last Shelter. MMO Square - Gameplay Tips for Undead Nation: Last Shelter

Undead Nation: Last Shelter is definitely one of the best strategy RPGs out there, and it’s free. Once you’re done reading this article, you should, by all means, be going over to Facebook and give this exciting a game a try.

There are so many reasons why you should play the game, but that’s for a different article or perhaps a review. In any case, here are some tips you might find handy when you’ve begun playing this zombie apocalypse epic.

Upgrade Your Survivors Whenever Possible Between Levels

One of the main features of Undead Nation: Last Shelter is a Campaign mode. This is perhaps the Story mode of the game, and involves you rummaging through abandoned structures in order to collect resources like Medicine and Construction Materials, among others.

Once each level ends, you have a rest period before you go over to the next challenge. Use this chance to upgrade your team, called Survivors, to unlock new skills and improve their statistics. This will improve their chances of survival - you’ll have to bear in mind that each level features progressively more powerful zombies.

Make Use of Your Tactics

Tactics are special skills that you, as the “boss” of the survivors, have access to and can use in the middle of operations in Campaign mode. Your Survivors will move on their own, and you provide support to them via these tactics.

Thus, you should learn what your tactics can do. You can learn that in between levels by going to the Operations Center. Each Tactic is unique, and they affect the combat situation differently. Learn more about each one of them, decide how to use them in battle, and even upgrade their capabilities, through the Operation Center.

Purchase More Survivors, When You Can

As much as you can, purchase more Survivors from the shop. Not only does this add up to your roster, it also brings to the mix new skills and capabilities. This means that you can have more tactical capabilities to employ in your team in each incursion in Campaign mode.

With more Survivors in your camp, you can have more freedom to experiment with what your individual team members can do in battle, and which group or combination is more effective at both surviving through the battle and achieving each level’s goals.

Upgrade Your Camp

Your camp is divided into various sectors, including the Eatery and the Medicine Room. Make sure to upgrade each and every one of these sectors when you can. For instance, upgrading the Medicine Room lets it produce more medicine in just 15 minutes. You will need these supplies post-battle to heal your wounded Survivors, and you will need a lot as your team grows and the levels become harder.

By keeping these four tips in mind, you have a better chance of surviving the game’s challenges and more certainty that you will indeed enjoy, and not be frustrated by, the gameplay.

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