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gamigo's House of Wonders: 4 Exciting Things to Look Forward To

Rate this Article gamigo is holding its House of Wonders event across all of its published games ranging from the fantastical world of Aura Kingdom to the dark, dangerous world of Last Chaos. MMO Square - gamigo's House of Wonders: 4 Exciting Things to Look Forward To

gamigo has tons of magical surprises in store for you this Christmas. Starting December 1st up until the last day of the month, it’ll hold the House of Wonders event that promises a variety of different rewards across all of its published games. So yes, this “most wonderful time of the year” is a lot more awesome, thanks to its many giveaways. Regardless of whether you’re an adventurer in the magical world of Aura Kingdom or a bloodthirsty werewolf in WolfTeam, there are a lot of things you can redeem and obtain.

If you’re planning to have a taste of that festive cheer and obtain tons of freebies, let’s take a look at the House of Wonders holds.

Wonder Boxes

In-game reward

The first exciting part of House of Wonders is the Magical Surprises event that grants players a variety of gifts and freebies in participating games. You can safely say these boxes have been wrapped meticulously and wrapped by Santa and his elves. Remember though, these are only available for a short period of time, and for those not able to get theirs, be sure to come around the next day. If you somehow missed receiving one of your gifts, don’t worry, there’s more to come until the end of the month. However, if you’re curious to see what you’ve missed, you can check out yesterday’s contents.

As of writing, yesterday’s gift in Aura Kingdom is the total cool Auspicious Mochi Rabbit back costume. Meanwhile, Grand Fantasia offered the Christmas Snowflake shield. With these in mind, it would be a great idea to check out the Wonder Boxes page to see the rewards and anticipate what you’ll receive next.

Magical Surprises

Magical Surprises gamigo

We love surprises, and Gamigo managed to overdo themselves in their Magical Surprises event. In a nutshell, this is a whole calendar event wherein players will be treated to full with in-game giveaways and hardware raffles.

Some events will require player entry and participation, like the first one. Players are required to submit a picture of their in-game character and guildmates, follow certain social media accounts, and use a hashtag. However, the effort will be worth it if you manage to win a totally cool Havit Gaming Mouse and Keyboard. Other rewards can easily be redeemed with an in-game code yielding various freebies. Be sure to check out the Magical Surprises page to see if any of the games you play offer any of these rewards.

As of writing, there are codes for Fiesta Online, Trove, and Rift, while the abovementioned Havit raffle and another for a gaming headset are available.

Gaming chair giveaway

Games participating in the gaming chair giveaway

If you would like to have a chance to win a new Nitro Gaming Chair, gamigo’s gaming chairs giveaway will give you just that. To participate, players only have to log in for 30 minutes a day on its various games, like Desert Operations, Trove, and Wolf Team. Their system will automatically log how many minutes you’ve played, and basically, the more you play, the more chances you’ll have of winning. After the December 1st to 31st playing window, you’ll have to enter a form on the giveaway page to finalize your entry, and winners will be announced on January 17th.

So, if you’re a player in any of their games, be sure to log on today and play as long as you can.

Santa Streaming

Santa stream

Finally, gamigo’s last House of Wonders event is the Santa Stream, which offers live streams from the developers themselves. It will showcase the festivities, magic, and euphoria from across gaming worlds. They will stream on Twitch, and players will have a chance to post questions, interact with fellow fans, and, best of all, earn rewards handed out during the stream. As of writing, the next stream is on December 17th, so be sure to save the date! Don’t worry if you’ve missed the live streams since you can still view them on gamigo’s Twitch channel.

A festive season to remember

Overall, gamigo’s House of Wonders event is truly for the players and will undoubtedly treat the fanbase to a ton of rewards and exciting festivities. To add to this, the games themselves are already holding their own Christmas events, while their respective shops are selling Christmas gear and a bunch of other costumes to spice up the cold Christmas weather. It is definitely a season to remember, and these events will surely contribute to making this season the most wonderful time of the year for gamigo players.

So, in your case, which of the events are you looking forward to the most? Are you currently playing any of gamigo’s titles?

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