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Get Yourself an Edge with LoLWiz

Rate this Article LoLWiz is a useful tool that’s caught the attention of many players around the world ever since it surfaced and, in this article, we’ll be teaching you how you can use it to give yourself an edge. MMO Square - Get Yourself an Edge with LoLWiz

LoLWiz is an extremely well thought out utility that League of Legends players are definitely going to appreciate because it essentially allows them to get an advantage over their opponents before a match even starts. Installing the tool is fairly simple and, when you have it installed, it automatically launches itself whenever you start a game of League of Legends and starts assisting, however, it can.

Onto the specifics, LoLWiz basically allows players to view the statistics that a certain player has a champion that they’re playing in that particular match. The tool automatically detects which champion everyone is playing and then, during the loading screen, it brings up all the relevant stats. Through this tool, you can see if someone’s adept at a champion and, using this information, you can play more carefully in order to ensure that you don’t get caught out but, on the other hand, you can also use the information to tell if someone’s weak at playing a certain champion and you can use this piece of information to pressure them and force them to make mistakes that’ll eventually cost them the game.

Alongside displaying prior stats, LoLWiz also displays what setup a certain player is running. Thanks to this extremely helpful utility, you’ll know exactly what masteries a player has set up for themselves and this will allow you to plan accordingly. In certain situations, you can even switch lanes with your teammates if you feel that you won’t be able to do that well against a champion with a certain setup of runes.

LoLWiz also displays helpful tips for playing against the champions that the player is up against. Perhaps the most impressive thing about these tips is the fact that there are multiple for each individual champion and, when kept in mind, they can actually help you out quite a bit and this proves that they’re genuine tips rather than generic pieces of advice that don’t really help out much.

One question that’s usually on a lot of people’s minds regarding programs like LoLWiz is legitimacy and, fortunately, Riot themselves have stated that there’s nothing illegitimate about using LoLWiz because it’s powered by Riot’s own API and therefore isn’t using any unfair means to acquire the data that it displays to the players. Due to all this, you can feel free to use the program without worrying about having your account banned.

All things considered, LoLWiz is an extremely helpful tool that you should definitely try out if you’re a League of Legends player who’s looking for a way to get an advantage over your opponents before a match even starts.

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