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How CSGO Grew Into Its Legacy

Rate this Article How did CSGO form its legacy? Well, let's take a look at its long journey ti becoming one of the most celebrated franchises of all time. MMO Square - How CSGO Grew Into Its Legacy

Every year, a game comes out that takes critics by surprise. Sometimes the game will emerge from the shadows as a genuine frontrunner and contender for game of the year. Occasionally, it will come from a game that isn’t too well received at the time but grows into a dynasty. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CGSO) certainly falls into the latter. Although it wasn’t panned by critics when it first came out in August 2012, it wasn’t a game that was revered or earmarked for greatness - it’s grown into that role through a host of high-quality updates.

Associated Markets

CSGO has benefitted from many different markets that have propped it up on an international scale. From the successful and incredibly popular eSports leagues complimenting its popularity to the eSports gambling markets that are the latest in ingenuity and innovation. Although eSports leagues have established themselves over several years, the betting markets people indulge in during a big tournament have helped generate even further visibility for the sector.

By using the latest innovative payment methods, such as Bitcoin, eSports have been able to appeal to broader sections of the markets, and these factors have come together and resulted in the emergence of one of the most globally recognized and respected professional video gaming markets.

You can bet on major CSGO tournaments with Bitcoin and explore all the avenues that have made this market such big news over the last few years. If you’re looking for specific matches, teams, or tournaments, there’s a broad selection of pre-game, in-play, and outright tournament markets that you can take a look at. Given that CSGO transitioned to a free-to-play game in 2018, this opened the doors for millions of gamers to sample what the game had to offer. By this stage, the eSports market was gathering serious momentum, and the game had won multiple annual awards for its gameplay and online innovation.

Following The Blueprint

This is a blueprint that several different notable eSports games have too. League Of Legends was the most prominent example of this. As a free-to-play game, the game designers generated profit with in-game updates, but the free nature of the game meant that millions of people played the game without having to spend any money. League Of Legends is one of the few games now sitting above Counter-Strike as the most popular eSports league.

CSGO gameplay

In 2019, one League Of Legends eSports tournament brought in more viewers than the Superbowl. In addition, the game didn’t blow away critics when it first came out in 2009. Like Counter-Strike, the games were never poorly rated, but they didn’t receive some of the rapturous plaudits other games did, such as Grand Theft Auto. The organic communities that have sprung up as a result of these games have been able to continue fueling the rise and not allow new games to overtake. You can find walkthrough guides for League Of Legends and plenty of information and tips on Counter-Strike on prominent social media websites such as YouTube.

The Growth Of Professional Competition

The emergence of online competition and ingenuity resulted in a massive surge in players paying attention to Counter-Strike. If a strategy and first-person shooter game can attract millions of players worldwide, this inevitably creates hysteria and enhances the size of the community. Although eSports had driven this to new levels, initially, when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first came out over a decade ago, it was the quality of the online competition that helped the game move to the next level.

Once more people played the game online and spent their money on in-game upgrades, this helped Valve Corporation to expand their reach and ideas for their next project. Even with Counter-Strike 2 on the horizon, a game that many people are excited about, CSGO has broken online records, with over 1 million active players still choosing to play Global Offensive. It’ll be interesting to see how the switch occurs to Counter-Strike 2. Valve has already confirmed that it will be a free-to-download game as an upgrade to CSGO, probably in a bid to wean people away from the older title and into the new game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has one of the most significant online communities anywhere in the world, and it’ll take a lot for people to completely switch to Counter-Strike 2 because of this incredible legacy and community. It’s created a dynasty and gaming legacy that can hold a candle to any other big games released over the last 23 years.

The main driving forces behind this have been the components we have discussed today, such as profitable eSports tournaments and gambling markets. However, when a game can rise to the top of the pile in the way Counter-Strike has been, the main selling point is the quality of the game, which has cemented its legacy within the upper echelons of video gaming.

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