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How to Build Effective Decks in CCGs

Rate this Article Having a properly built deck is perhaps the easiest way to succeed in CCGs and, in this article, we’ll be teaching you how you can build the best deck. MMO Square - How to Build Effective Decks in CCGs

Building decks might seem like an intimidating concept for newcomers to this genre but, as long as you keep certain things in mind while you’re building yours, you’ll definitely end up with an effective deck that’ll help you win a lot more games than you usually would. After reading these tips, you may have to rebuild some of your decks from scratch but, in the end, it’ll certainly be worth all the effort.

The following tips, as long as you keep them in mind, are sure to help you build effective decks in CCGs.

1: Ensure that you have multiple early game cards.

One of the most common mistakes that we see players make when building their decks is that they tend to stock up on some insanely powerful late-game cards and, while this strategy definitely gets more effective as a match draws on, it still leaves players vulnerable during the early stages of a match. Due to all this, it’s definitely a wise choice to ensure that your deck consists of multiple early game cards that you can utilize during the initial stages in the match to start off strong.

2: Have a mix of various card types.

On paper, it may seem like a good idea to fill up your deck with aggressive cards that are meant to annihilate opponents as soon as possible but, as it turns out, this is actually a bad decision because this leaves players vulnerable to various kinds of attacks and spells from opponents and, if you get a bad draw of cards at the beginning, you’re almost definitely going to lose because you won’t be able to utilize your aggressive tools. Fortunately, this is an issue that you can easily remedy by making sure that your deck consists of a mix of both defensive and aggressive cards as it’ll allow you to adapt to all sorts of situations.

3: Make sure that you have multiple spells at your disposal.

Spells are things that newcomers to CCGs often overlook because they feel like they can get more out of their turns if they keep summoning creatures and minions but this is a huge mistake because it allows players to get countered quite easily if the opponent players properly. Spells are actually insanely beneficial to every deck that they’re in a part of because they allow people to make high impact plays even when they aren’t really in a position to do so. It’s definitely a wise choice to have an array of spells in your deck so that you can always make a play on your opponent, even if the situation might not favor you all that much.

All said and done, the following tips are those that we highly recommend keeping in mind while you build your deck in a CCG because they’re going to help you build a much more effective and powerful deck.

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