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How to Get Married in Era of Arcania

Rate this Article Looking to get hitched in the addictively-fun mobile MMORPG, Era of Arcania? Well, we are here to help! MMO Square - How to Get Married in Era of Arcania

Era of Arcania is possibly one of the best-looking and more entertaining 3D mobile MMORPGs that we have had the honor of reviewing this year. However, due to the huge number of features and content packed into the game, there are times when you are completely at lost as to what to do.

Well, we have been getting a ton of requests as to how to get married in Era of Arcania and we’d like to help! Here’s a (hopefully) helpful guide to How to Get Married in Era of Arcania.

However, before you start the whole proposal and wedding process, you’ll need to first complete the [Romance Weekly] Free Love quest where you’ll be asked to carry your partner to the God of Love, Aphrodite, in the Land of Liberty.

To begin, you will naturally need to find a willing partner of the opposite gender. Marriage between same genders is not permitted in this game, unfortunately. Once you have a mate, both male and female characters will then need to accept the quest.

Now to complete the quest, the guy should click on the lady character, click on the character name, and choose the Carry option. The lady will then have the option to accept or reject the offer, but of course, to complete this quest, the lady will need to accept. The guy should then carry the lady to Aphrodite and turn in the quest.

Note that only the male character can complete the quest on behalf of both characters, but both the guy and the lady can cancel the Carry effect whenever they like. Once done, you can start wooing your Carry partner and make him or her your lifelong partner in Era of Arcania.

First things first, the Groom should purchase an Engagement Ring for the Bride via the Intimacy Redeem menu using Rubies. Rubies can be in turn obtained by exchanging Heart Knots at the very same menu.

Now that you have the ring, a Propose option should pop up for the Groom. By clicking on it, he can start the proposal process in which the Bride can then accept (or reject, it’s entirely up to the Bride). After the proposal went through, it’s time to prepare for a marvelous wedding!

Now, in Era of Arcania, there can be two different types of Wedding Ceremonies. You can choose between having an Extravagant Wedding or a Romantic one (but not both). You’ll also need to have all the proper attire for the event. The attire, including the Wedding Gown, can be purchased using Attire Vouchers. Attire Vouchers can, in turn, be purchased using Bound Diamonds if you don’t have enough of them. Once everything is ready, you can then send out your first wedding invitation – the first is free – to your friends and Guildmates to ask them to attend.

Unlike more traditional wedding ceremonies, in this game, the ceremony consists of a parade which begins at the Land of Liberty. The parade will only start after the couple sworn the sacred marriage oath that will bind them together in the game.

Of course, during the parade, the King and Queen of the Day will be riding on a fancy Wedding Carriage while the other players can choose to walk or ride on their respective mounts. Wherever the Carriage goes, random Affection Boxes will be spawned for the attendees to loot. These boxes usually contain some really generous gifts so be sure to react quickly whenever you see one appear.

Oh, and a quick note – you won’t be able to divorce your partner after marriage and unfortunately, you won’t be able to start a family with your significant other either in this game.

That’s about it! Hopefully, this little marriage guide for Era of Arcania helps! If you need any more help with the game or with any games we’ve reviewed, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message or an email via our Contact Us page.

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