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How to Play Among Us: Some Quick Tips for Beginners

Rate this Article Among Us is a game that’s become incredibly popular in recent days and, in this article, we have some great tips to help newcomers out as they try to win their matches. MMO Square - How to Play Among Us: Some Quick Tips for Beginners

The success of Among Us is definitely well-deserved as this is an incredibly creative game that offers a unique experience in which players have to get rid of imposters on a ship while doing everything they can to restore the ship to its fully functional state. Each session of the game is intense from start to finish so it definitely doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s so popular and we have some great tips to help you be victorious in your games.

Tips for Imposters

One of the best ways to improve your game as in imposter is to familiarize yourself with all the vents of the game and know by heart where each one of them leads. Being able to use vents is perhaps the one of the biggest advantages that imposters have in this game and, if you can master moving around the map through them, you’ll be able to pull of maneuvers that’ll make you incredibly difficult to spot while escaping from the site of a kill.

If you’re in a group of people and they’re doing a common task, you can actually execute a player fairly easily without arousing suspicion as it isn’t easily evident which player did the deed. Take advantage of this any chance you get to get a quick assassination and then covering for yourself during the voting phase of the game.

A lot of players who get chosen as imposters don’t really focus much on the fact that they can sabotage crewmates. You can do things like closing doors to cause inconveniences, raising emergencies and various other things that’ll disrupt the progress of crewmates and we certainly advise doing so whenever you get the chance.

Tips for Crewmates

Being victorious as a crewmate is definitely easier than winning as an imposter as you have a significant number advantage over the imposters. Due to this, it’s often good to stick around with people instead of wandering off by yourself so that, if an imposter attempts an assassination, there are always people close by to see the event unfold and figure out who did the deed.

One incredibly creative way through which you can spot out imposters is by aligning your body on top of another crewmates body making it seem as if there’s only one person standing at that particular spot. Imposters will likely jump at this opportunity to get rid of the solo crewmate but the clever deception will then allow you to easily see who the imposter is.

It’s highly recommended that you try to make the most out of the admin map as this tracks the real time location of crew members so you can actually see if a crewmate is killed or if an imposter is taking vents and this can enable you to easily figure out the imposter.

All said and done, while the aforementioned tips are certainly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to excelling at Among Us, they’re sure to help out newcomers so, if you’re new to the game, we highly recommend keeping them all in mind.

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