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How to progress quickly in MMO games

Rate this Article The ultimate goal in every MMO player's mind is to become really high level. In this article we'll talk about some of the easiest ways through which you can become amongst the elite high level players. MMO Square - How to progress quickly in MMO games

Progression is perhaps the key goal in pretty much every single MMO game out there. Almost every single person that plays these games tries to be the very best there is and to do so they must progress quicker and more efficiently than their competition. In this article we’ll be giving out some tips that players can utilize to reach high levels in relatively short amounts of time.

One of the primary ways to get to higher levels quickly and perhaps one that is the most common among more players is partying up. There are many benefits you get when you party up with a player of 4-5 players rather than going solo. The key benefit is the fact that since you’re a group your overall strength is much stronger which means that you’ll be able to traverse into higher level territories and slay beasts that provide much more experience than those of lower level maps.

Another reason partying is so great for leveling is that the overall experience gained while in a party is actually a slight percentage larger than what you’d receive solo. For example, if a single person slays any kind of creature to get exp then that person would get 100% of the experience but if a party of two were to do so then they’d get 120% experience which would then be split between the two. This is the key reason partying is so emphasized on in MMO games.

Aside from just forming parties and slaying multitudes of beasts, if you’re a solo player then one way to progress is to focus a lot on the side quests. While the main story quests of each game are usually pretty generous in terms of rewards, people often don’t even consider doing side-quests as they don’t have that much relevance in terms of the game’s story. However, once you get into these a bit you’ll realize that the rewards offered by them are quite tremendous and often times they even outshine those offered by the main story quests as well. What also helps is that you can also acquire some great items by doing these which is another plus point.

Although it might not be an actual gameplay tip, something people often overlook is the fact that MMOs usually have some really helpful in-game items that can actually boost the amount of experience and gold they get from slaying monsters. Utilizing these to their fullest can often lead to a pretty significant boost in your level. The combination usually utilized by most veteran MMO players is to chug an experience boost potion before entering a party that’s going into a dungeon and then getting highly boosted experience values that nets them a lot of extra levels that they wouldn’t be able to get so easily otherwise.

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