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How to PvP successfully in MMORPGs

Rate this Article PvP is one of the most intense and engaging activities that MMORPGs have to offer. Here we'll talk about how you can partake in this activity and perform like a pro. MMO Square - How to PvP successfully in MMORPGs

While PvP might not have been the biggest element of most old-school MMORPGs, it’s certainly become one of the biggest aspects of MMORPGs over the years and in this article we’ll be discussing it in a bit more detail while also talking a little bit about how you can PvP like a top tier player.

The key thing that’s caused PvP to gain so much popularity over the years is the implementation of action based combat. Normally, in the old-school MMOs you had the standard spell spam setup which was great fun but didn’t lead to engaging player vs player combat since the person who could spam more buttons would simply come out on top but ever since action based combat has come into play, PvP has exploded since a lot more factors have become a part of it such as timing, precision and more.

To excel at PvP in pretty much any MMORPG, you need to have a good reaction time. If you watch two players duel each other you’ll see that the player who wins isn’t necessarily the one who launches more attacks but is instead the one who avoids the most attacks.

To dodge incoming blows you really need to react in a timely manner; some games allow you to avoid incoming damage through parrying, some allow you to dodge while some allow you to cast an ability of your own to counteract the effects of the incoming attack. All these things need to be executed really quickly or you’ll be hit by your opponent’s strike and will take quite a bit of damage.

Chaining together your skills and abilities is perhaps the primary way through which you can come out with a victory. If you randomly spam all your character’s skills you’ll usually end up with a really sloppy combo that takes a lot of time to execute and doesn’t really deal that much damage despite all the extra time taken. A good combo usually starts off with a spell that can hold your opponent place followed by a barrage of damaging abilities that can make short work of your opponent’s health bar. Of course some characters have abilities that can amplify all damage which is why it’s best to initiate with these if your character has access to them.

Although it isn’t as big of factor now as it was before, proper equipment can still make or break a duel between two players. If you come into a fight with poor armor and weapons, you’ll probably lose no matter how skilled you are since you simply cannot withstand enough damage. While you don’t need the very best equipment in the game to succeed in PvP, you’ll still need some decent gear if you want to stand toe-to-toe with the very best so it’s worthwhile to invest in some weapons or armor before getting into the thick of things with your opponents.

All things considered, the aspect of PvP is definitely one of the biggest parts of a great MMORPG experience. Speaking of MMORPGs, we’d like you to try a few out so you yourself can experience all the great moments that they have to offer.

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