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Interview with NecrOFF, Guild Leader of RASPAD

Rate this Article Today, we are lucky enough to have NecrOFF, the leader of one of the top clans in Survarium to answer a few questions for us. Find out more about himself and his guild in this interesting interview. MMO Square - Interview with NecrOFF, Guild Leader of RASPAD

Today, we are lucky enough to have NecrOFF, the leader of one of the top clans in Survarium to answer a few questions for us. Let us begin!

Q: Let’s start off with an easy question - What attracted you to the game, Survarium, in the first place? What do you like best about the game?

Survarium is something new in its genre. I was a big fan of Stalker, so when I first saw Survarium, its post-apocalyptic scenery, and players equipment, I immediately fell for this game. Also, I am proud that the developers of this game are from Ukraine (so am I).

I’m assuming that there are quite a number of guilds in Survarium. Why have you decided to create your own guild?

That’s true. When I started playing, there already were a lot of existing guilds, but none of them were a match for me – they just didn’t feel right. So, I decided to create a new guild, called RASPAD, for players from all over the world. I wanted it to be free from political prejudices, age, gender, religious restrictions. We have players from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and Moldavia. There is also a girl in our guild, and even gamers who are over 45 years old. Moreover, we are happy and proud to have 2 players, who were included in the top 10 best players of the year in Survarium, within our guild.

Why is your guild named “RASPAD”? It’s a rather curious name.

The English name, RASPAD, is loosely translated from the Russian word, РАСПАД, which means Half Life. Half Life is related to the radiation.

That’s a really fitting name for your guild! Well, especially considering that the game Survarium is set in a post-apocalyptic world that was devastated by a nuclear war. What about guild events though? Do you organize events for your guild members?

Yes, we have guild wars once in week (Here is the video of one of such fights).

We have many other different contests within the guild as well. Last month, we celebrated 1 year anniversary of our guild and organized a contest between our guild members for the best post-apocalyptic photo. The winners got their prizes.

Sounds like fun!

Yes, it is. We also actively promote our guild in social media. We even set up our own website, which was listed on the first page of Survarium’s official community site.

Wow, by now, I’m sure some of our readers would be very interested to sign up for your clan. What does it take to be a member of your guild?

In order to become a member of our guild, you have to be over 20 years old, be an active player, as well as be polite and communicative.

Being the Guild Leader of RASPAD and someone who is experienced in guilds in general, what would you like to say to Survarium players out there who are currently looking for a guild to join?

Of course, I would invite them to join us! (joking) Seriously though, I would not recommend them to join guilds, which force their members to achieve impossible goals and follow really strict rules. The game should bring you fun and joy, but not stress and negative emotions. But remember - skill is still important here :)

Yes, of course - Survival is a key aspect of the game, Survarium, after all! :) Before we conclude this interview, I’m curious to know whether you have a story behind your gamertag, NecrOFF? It is a very unique name.

My gamertag often makes people curious about its meaning, and it has its own history. I am a huge fan of Andrzej Sapkowski - the writer of The Witcher. And, in one of his novel, he mentions of a magic book of the dead called Necronomicon. Well, I took the name “Necronomicon” and made it shorter into “NecrOFF” :)

And that wraps up our interview. Thank you very much, NecrOFF! It’s been a pleasure to have this chat with you.

Thanks for your questions, Aveyn. I look forward to cooperating further with you as well.

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