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Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing Again?

Rate this Article Ever since Destiny 2 went free to play its playerbase has grown by an incredible amount and, in this article, we’ll be analyzing whether or not the game truly is worth playing as of right now. MMO Square - Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing Again?

Destiny 2 going free to play might have been one of the best decisions for the game as a whole because this change has caused a massive number of players to flock to the game and experience what it has to offer. The game has always been enjoyable but the pay to play barrier has definitely held back a great deal of players from experiencing what it brings to the table and this is why the playerbase eventually began to dwindle in size but, fortunately, now everyone can enjoy this exceptional game without having to buy it and this has led to a massive growth in players.

One important aspect of Destiny 2 to keep in mind is that it’s a game that heavily revolves around co-op gameplay and this is why, before the game went free to play, the experience was definitely being held back because players couldn’t find full lobbies for whatever raids or adventures they wanted to embark on. However, now that the community has received such a massive influx of new players, you can be certain that you’ll be able to find fellow Guardians to join you on your adventures pretty much anytime you play and this helps make the game feel a lot more enjoyable now.

One of the biggest changes that Destiny 2 received upon becoming free to play is an entire revamp of how new characters are introduced to the game and this change has been extremely helpful for the overall experience. Before the game made the switch to free to play, players had to go through a large campaign on every new character they made before they could enjoy anything else the game had to offer. Thankfully, though, this has now been changed so going through the campaign is no longer necessary with each new character and players are given access to the bulk of the game’s content right from the get-go.

The aforementioned change has been especially good for veteran players who’ve previously always had to grind through the campaign every single time they wanted to create and experience a new character. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the campaigns are still available to play and are actually quite enjoyable so if you’re new to the game and haven’t experienced them yet you’ll still have the option to play them whenever you feel like it.

It’s also worth highlighting that, with the free to play release, Destiny 2 has received a variety of subtle but effective changes such as fixes for minor bugs that aren’t too game-breaking but still annoying at times. Most of these changes may not be noticeable at first but they have certainly improved the overall experience quite a bit.

All things considered, Destiny 2 is definitely in a great state currently and it’s the perfect time to jump into the game if you’re on the hunt for an immersive sci-fi FPS that’s filled to the brim with content.

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