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Let’s Take a Look at the History of Gaming

Rate this Article The history of video games might simply be short, but it's fairly rich and vibrant. With technological improvements, developers have turned countable pixels into immersive open worlds. MMO Square - Let’s Take a Look at the History of Gaming

The mobile tech boom has really taken off in recent years. It has also helped to revolutionize the industry and it has opened the doors for a brand-new generation of gamers. Gaming is now so integrated with the modern and most popular culture that even the older generation know about Angry Birds.

History of Gaming

Early Years

The very first truly recognized example of a game machine was actually created by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon. The game was based on the math game known as Nim and it was played by a total of 50,000 people. This was of course, during the six months that it was actually on display. The computer won over 90% of the games that were played. The very first gaming system that was for home use did not emerge until well over 30 years later. Ralph Baer and his team created the Brown Box and this happened in the year 1967. It was essentially a circuit that could then be connected to a television set. It gave two users the chance to control a cube that then chased each other on the screen. The Brown Box could be used to control a wide range of games, some of them including checkers, four sporting games and even ping pong. Now it is possible to play a range of online casino games, against multiple players in potentially multiple geo-locations with ero lag and no buffering issues. This has really helped to pave the way for the future when it comes to gaming.

Onward to Atari

Sega and even Taito were some of the very first companies to be able to really pique the interest of the public. They released the mechanical game known as Periscope and even Crown Soccer. This came out in the year 1966. The nature of the games helped to spark a bit of competition against players, purely because everyone was trying to see who could get the highest score. People also wanted to mark their place in history, and this was really interesting to say the least.

They also helped to create a full industry around what we now know to be arcade gaming. This started in 1973 and they retailed at well over $1000. Atari then began to create their very first electronic game known as pong. This game was soon seen in bars and in bowling alleys. Shopping malls all around the world started to pick up on the trend and then you had tech-heads who thought they were onto the next big thing.

Multiplayer Gaming

During the ’70s, a huge number of chain restaurants began to install video games because they wanted to capitalize on the new craze. The nature of the games sparked a lot of competition in the players and everyone wanted to see if they could get their initials on the board. Even though multiplayer gaming was very simple, it is not hard to see how far things have come and it is also interesting to see the stunning advancements that have been made.

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