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MMO Games we want a sequel to

Rate this Article Over the years we’ve seen some amazing MMO games that have given us a lot of enjoyment and in this article we’ll be discussing the games that impressed us so much that we’d love to see a sequel for them. MMO Square - MMO Games we want a sequel to

There are quite a few things that go into making a good and enjoyable MMO game. The first of these is probably that the game should never be repetitive, most great MMO games always offer their players with something new at every step of the way to keep interest developed such as new quests and such. Doing this makes sure that the game doesn’t feel like you’re just forcefully grinding through it.

Another thing that all MMO games worth their salt should consist of is good combat. There’s no arguing that the core of most of these games is the intense combat whether it be against giant monsters in dungeons or against live players in PvP arenas. Combat is of various different types such as the regular spell and ability spam or the more recent action based combat but regardless of type, it should be fun and intuitive to keep players interested.

The following are the MMO games that we’d love to see a sequel to, for a variety of reasons we really enjoyed all of these, and some of them are still very much in their young lifespan, but they are so good we want more.

1. Vindictus
Vindicuts is a fantastic MMO game with intense, fast paced gameplay and some combat mechanics to boot but the game is ultimately held back by a rather uninspired setting and some fairly uninteresting visuals due to the dull color scheme utilized. The game is just a stone’s throw away from perfection however so a sequel that can remedy the issues faced with the original would definitely be really popular.

2. Perfect World International
Perfect World is an MMORPG that’s nearly a decade old and to this date it enjoys a fairly active player-base and some great gameplay but unfortunately, the game hasn’t really aged well over the years and nowadays it feels slightly clunky and has average visuals at best. A reworked version of this nearly decade old MMORPG with improved graphics and maybe some gameplay enhancements would be brilliant.

3. Shadowbound
With its compelling story, ease of access and brilliant graphics for its time Shadowbound has a special place in our hearts. Though the story may feel a little simple there was a huge amount of scope, and we really hope they add something new and continue this epic adventure in a new game.

4. Grand Fantasia
Grand Fantasia was a really popular game at release thanks to the anime inspired art style and massive world to explore but the game simply couldn’t hold on to its player-base due to some really annoying glitches and uninspired combat. Grand Fantasia definitely had potential and a sequel that does the original one justice would be great to see.

5. Flyff
Flyff or Fly for Fun used to be one of the most popular games in its time since it was pretty much the first game that let players take to the skies and get a completely new perspective of the game world. Unfortunately, the game didn’t age well and nowadays it feels really grindy and the visuals could definitely use some major improvements. There’s no need to explain why a sequel for this game would be so great.

All the games mentioned above are those that provided us with great enjoyment when we tried them and even though a sequel would be great, the games are still up and running so we definitely recommend trying them out. We certainly hope that they’re able to give you the memories and enjoyment that they gave us.

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