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Rate this Article No matter if you enjoy playing a pusher, a carry or a ganker, if you love MOBAs with a passion, then you’ll definitely like what they have for you on the Worldwide Games Database or WWGDB! MMO Square - MOBA Games on WWGDB

In short, WWGDB is a great game review website that contains the reviews for all of the best MOBA games out there on the internet and we believe that it can become your go to place if you would like to discover new games and read about the games you like!

WWGDB was founded on the idea to establish a central database for every possible, and fun, game that exists, including our favorite MOBAs, a lot like what IMDB is for movies! Thus, you can expect the game reviews on WWGDB to be very comprehensive and will cover all the important sections in a game that you can think of! This includes the games’ summary, plotline, gameplay, community as well as graphics and sound. Considering that pictures do speak a thousand words, you can also expect to see plenty more screenshots and images of the game. After all, all of this information is vital in aiding you in your decision to play a game or not! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to spend hours learning the characters and gameplay only to find yourself abandoning the game in disgust after a few weeks!

Being an avid MOBA player, you surely love to keep yourself updated with the ongoings of the gaming world! Therefore, WWGDB does not stop at just reviews… they offer plenty of articles, covering a huge range of topics in gaming, for you to enjoy at your leisure! These articles can be informative or humorous, and sometimes even both! If you’re interested in the informative articles, you should definitely check out their articles on ”Females in Gaming”, ”What is #GamerGate?” and ”The eSports Phenomenon”. If you’re looking for something more educational, MOBA-wise, then you can take a look at their “Different roles in MOBA” as well as the A Very General Guide to Gaming Terms articles. Looking for something more fun to read instead? Well, get a laugh or two by reading the ”Ways Players React to Lag” article instead!

Itching to let the world know what you think of a game after reading our reviews? Well, you can do so via 2 easy ways. You can choose to leave a rating for their reviews or articles within the range of 1 to 10 stars, or you can take the longer route and write a review or comment yourself! After all, if you have any experience that you would like to share with the world, you mustn’t let it get all penned up inside! Let’s not forget about the fun surveys as well! You can enjoy checking out their many surveys, such as Your Favorite MMO Genre, and vote for the options you like... although it is obvious which option you would choose for the above mentioned survey (don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans!)!

If you’re interested to give this website a chance, well, great news! We have a string of MOBA-related reviews that we think are great all lined up for your perusal, including some of the best MOBAs currently on the internet, such as League of LegendsSMITE, Infinite Crisis, Heroes of Newerth and Strife. To check out the entire list of MOBA games that they have reviewed yourself, you can click on MOBA Games List to find out more!

As WWGDB is supposed to be a central database (the keyword here “database”) of games, the website will not contain only reviews for MOBA games. In fact, WWGDB covers a huge variety of genres and game types, such as racing games, virtual worlds, MMORPGs and shooter games, on the site as well! If you have some free time, do feel free to take a quick detour from whatever you are doing right now and check out WWGDB! Who knows? You might discover a game or two that you may enjoy from the website!

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