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Most Anticipated Free to Play MMO Games of 2018

Rate this Article 2017 has been a fine year for MMO games but, as it turns out, 2018 actually has quite a lot to look forward to and in this article we’ll be discussing the games to look out for in the year to come. MMO Square - Most Anticipated Free to Play MMO Games of 2018

A lot of MMOs were released in 2017 and, while some of these MMOs might have been a tad bit lackluster in terms of their execution, most of them were nothing short of exceptional and captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. The MMOs of 2017 raised the bar for future games to come and, from what we’ve seen thus far, it seems like 2018 is going to be somewhat similar as well.

The following are the MMO games that we think around going to take things to a whole new level when they come out in 2018.

1: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

There’s been an insane amount of hype around Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen ever since alpha footage of its gameplay surfaced and this hype has grown more and more as the time has gone by. This is a game that aims to take fantasy-themed MMOs to a whole new level because not only does it promise players an absolutely enormous game world to explore, it also promises to deliver a gameplay experience in which there’ll never be a dull moment. The game’s visuals also seem to be absolutely breathtaking and, on top of all this, the plot seems to be extremely well thought out as well so there really doesn’t seem to be any aspect in which the game will cease to impress.

2: Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming MMO that’s become quite popular ever since its first announcement mainly because it offers players an experience that’s unique and refreshing. A lot of modern day MMO games either have a fantasy-themed setting or a sci-fi setting and, while these settings do lead to some great games, they’ve become a bit dull over the years since every other game utilizes them. Sea of Thieves, on the other hand, is based on an extremely refreshing pirate based setting and it promises to deliver players the experience of a lifetime as they set sail on many dangerous and memorable voyages.

3: Crowfall

Crowfall is a game that’s been in early access for quite some time now and, throughout its early access stage, we’ve seen it undergo a ton of improvement. The game wasn’t particularly impressive when it first surfaced but, over the years, it’s received tons upon tons of new gameplay features as well as visual improvements that have helped it go above and beyond the standards for modern day MMOs. It’s expected that the full version of the game will be released in 2018 and, if this is the case, players are certainly in for a treat because the game promises to deliver endless amounts of content to enjoy as well as one of the most intricate race and class systems out there in an MMORPG.

All said and done, the aforementioned MMO games are those that have had the most hype surrounding them and, if they’re even remotely similar to what we’re expecting right now, they are going to be absolutely spectacular.

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