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Most Effective Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Rate this Article PUBG Mobile has an insane variety of weapons for players to choose from and, in this article, we’ll be going over the weapons that we think are among the absolute best for players. MMO Square - Most Effective Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Picking two weapons two fit your loadout can be a rather challenging task because there are so many different options to choose from. While each individual weapon in the game is certainly capable of wreaking havoc on any opponent in your path, there are some that stand out from the crowd and these are the weapons that we’ll be discussing here.

1: M416 Assault Rifle

The M416 Assault Rifle is a jack of all trades rifle that’s going to be effective no matter the situation you’re in. The gun features fairly high damage, incredible accuracy and can be quite effective from range as well. Whenever you stumble upon an M416 while playing PUBG, we highly recommend keeping it as this is a rifle that’ll be effective from the first few minutes of a match to the very end of it.

2: Groza Assault Rifle

The Groza assault rifle trumps pretty much every other rifle there is because it has insane range and the 7.62 ammunition it uses ensures that each of its bullets packs a serious punch. The only thing that holds the Groza back from being the best rifle in the game is the fact that it’s only available from supply drops so the chances of you actually getting one during a match are rather low.

3: SKS Designated Marksman Rifle

The SKS DMR is a rifle that can absolutely annihilate opponents at range because it has fairly high damage per shot and the bullet drop at distances is quite low as well so, even while firing from insanely long distances, this is a rifle that can be highly effective at mowing down targets. It’s worth highlighting, though, that the weapon can only hold 10 bullets per magazine so you’ll need the extended magazine attachment to get the most out of it, especially during long and drawn out fights.

4: M249

The M249 is a light machine gun that’ll allow you to obliterate absolutely anything in your path. Armed with a total of 100 bullets per magazine, this is a gun that’s going to make your opponents think twice before engaging you because, should a fight ever break out, you can simply spam a seemingly endless stream of bullets towards your opponents and force them to disengage. The one major drawback to this gun, though, is the massive reload time so, if you ever need to reload, you’ll need to do so in proper cover.

5: AWM Sniper Rifle

The AWM Sniper Rifle is the gun that pretty much every single player wants to get their hands on. This bolt action sniper rifle deals a lethal amount of damage with each shot and it’s capable of penetrating through most armor and helmets with a single shot as well so, as long as your aim is on point, you’ll have no trouble making short work of your foes when you have access to this weapon. The AWM, like the Groza, can only be acquired through supply drops though so the chances of you actually getting one during a match are rather low.

All said and done, the aforementioned weapons in PUBG mobile are those that can allow you to absolutely annihilate your opponents if you can get your hands on them so it’s highly recommended that you consider adding them to your regular loadout.

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