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New Prospects DLC Adds an Insane Amount of Content to Deep Sky Derelicts

Rate this Article If you thought Deep Sky Derelicts was fun before, wait until you check out its very first DLC! MMO Square - New Prospects DLC Adds an Insane Amount of Content to Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts is a pretty well-rated, turn-based strategy/RPG where you’ll get to assemble and send a team of three experts to explore the many derelict ships left behind in hopes of finding the clues you need to locate the fabled Mothership – the derelict that will guarantee you and your team a citizenship and a spot on habitable planet where the air is free, and water and food are plentiful.

In addition to the astounding comic-style graphics, the game also has several crucial game mechanisms that aren’t only unique; they also give the game a super addictive appeal. It merges the joy of card-based combat with an entirely customizable deck with a number of cards that depends on your character’s loadouts. Deep Sky Derelicts also features a ton of loot, a la dungeon crawler-style, giving players the chance to sift through their scavenged loot and separate out the best stuff to keep or use.

However, as fun as it was, many players have bemoaned that the game is a tad bit too short and replaying the game with other character combos and procedurally-generated maps can only get you so far. Needless to say, the game feels repetitive after a while.

With the introduction of the brand-new first expansion, the New Prospects DLC, players will now be able to truly experience Deep Sky Derelicts like the pioneers that they are!

Radiation waves

The new DLC brings along several much-requested features, including the ability to explore ice and desert planets, and environmental (localized hazards) and global (derelict-wide) hazards which will tip the balance of any battle affected by these hazards. Environmental hazards like sandstorms and blizzards will cause a steady and constant damage over time, making it prudent for you to end a battle as quickly as possible. Derelict hazards like hull breaches, dynamic gravity, radiation clouds, magnetic interferences, and more will also greatly affect combat, with some reducing melee damage for as much as 50% or increasing your opponents’ evasion or affect your ability to scan for danger.

These hazards provide the sort of diversity to battles that we have never seen before in Deep Sky Derelicts, making each battle you engage in so much more intriguing although, in some cases, these hazards may drag out a fight.

There are many more additions to the game, including Settlements that function like mini-vendors located within derelicts that you can trade with or attack… depending on whether you’re in the mood for some plundering, and attackable “settlements” like the Pirate Holds and also Nests. There are more missions to complete, more types of enemies to take on, and more equipment and weapons along with their associated mods and cards. Let’s not forget about the brand-new character class, the Miner, too!

New missions

There are new exploration mechanics as well, allowing you to attempt to “sneak” past enemies at a higher energy cost or rush into battles. The combat system has also seen some changes, particularly the UI but that’s a change that will be rolled out for owners of the base game as well. Not to mention, if your character doesn’t have a card that you want to use, you can also spend 15 energy to deploy traps or get a special “weapon card” that will be immediately used.

The introduction of the new DLC added a lot of new, quality of life features into the game, which will be added in the base game, such as remote scanning and focused scan. All of the UI fixes, such as new scan buttons, consumables and minor updates to the Star Map will be heading over to the base game as well so if you own the base game and not the DLC, you’ll still have something nice to look forward to the next time you update your game!

The New Prospect DLC may seem a bit on the costly end but this is mainly because of the insane amount of content that it adds to the game. So, if you love playing Deep Sky Derelicts, this DLC is most certainly worth the price!

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