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Picking the Right FPS For You

Rate this Article What qualities do you have to look out for when choosing FPS games? MMO Square - Picking the Right FPS For You

First person shooter or FPS games are becoming popular because of their simplicity while still being loads of fun for any gamer. After all, anyone can play an FPS game. There are no special skills needed, and what skills could be necessary can be learned along the way. As a result, many people play first-person shooters because they can just sign up for an account, download and install the game, and they are all set.

The popularity of the genre means that there many companies developing their own FPS entries, as a means to hopefully capture a share of this lucrative market. Of course, that means that players have plenty of options at their disposal.

However, the idea is that each FPS game is, while being fundamentally similar, different from each other. They all offer the same basic premise, but each game offers a different rewards system, a different arsenal of weapons, and even different quality of graphics! You can, of course, try to play them all but it would make sense to find out if this particular FPS game is indeed one that will suit your preferences and what you look for in a title.

Most FPS games nowadays are MMOs, a concept that was carried over from the older multi-player FPS games like Counter Strike. The games have servers that link together FPS gamers all over the world in a single match. You’ll need to find out if there is a good server near your location, or else you won’t be able to play to your satisfaction because the farther the server is, the higher the chances of you losing the connection and being forced to try to enter the game again.

There are also FPS games that are, in case you don’t know, hosted on Facebook. Global Strike is one such title. The benefit of playing this game is that there is no need to download installers and patching executable files each time there is an update. However, the game contains inferior graphics to games rendered in high definition like Piercing Blow or Cross Fire, which could discourage those who are particular about how the game looks and how detailed the graphics are.

You might also want to find out, to some extent, what weapons are available in the game’s arsenal. In particular, you might want to see check what weapons are being offered for sale for in-game cash, and which ones require micro-transactions or purchases using real cash.

Last but not the least, are there many guilds in the game? Guilds are important – it allows you to join people who have the same interests as you within the game. When you’re a member of a guild, you save a lot of time looking for games to play because your guild members are always there organizing matches with other guilds. You also get the chance to exercise teamwork.

FPS games are some of the best ways that you could pass the time with. There are client-based FPS games, and there are also Facebook games that are first-person shooters. You just need to search and to look out there in order to find what game you would probably more at home with.

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