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Plarium Browser Games

Rate this Article Plarium is a developer renowned for its amazing games, and in this article we will bring you a little more info about them as a company and their products. MMO Square - Plarium Browser Games

When you think of strategy games, some of the biggest out there are Stormfall: Age of War and Sparta: War of Empires, and both of these titles, and many more came from one place. Founded in 2009 Plarium have taken the world by storm with their games, and are still growing company with an expanding portfolio of games, with the most recent addition being Nords: Heroes of the North, to see for your self you can try any of their strategy games online.

With offices in both Israel and the Ukraine they have picked some of the best talent from these countries to work together on providing their players with the best games and most fun experiences they can. Though renowned for their more MMO orientated games their first full release was actually Farmandia, a farming game that used cutting edge 3D graphics and a unique gameplay style.

This proved to be a popular game, and still is today but the majority of the games from this developer are strategy player vs player enabled games full of action. It started with the idea to create a game where you could combine all the much loved building and army development options with a compelling story and also let players engage in PvP.

The result was Total Domination, and it was the first real success story for Plarium, with its blend of fully voiced characters, top end graphics and compelling gameplay it was an instant success. The styling of these games was utterly new and it is a formula that has worked well and it has given millions of players all over the world some brilliant games to play.

Over each new game they have produced this formula has been refined, with better graphics, more intricate cities to develop and more military units to control there is a big attraction to a wide range of different players. But there is more to these games that how they look, the sheer amount of things to do is incredible and it is very hard to step away from their games.

The PvP aspect is also pretty well developed, with the option to form yourself into a guild, create trading or political alliances or just go for all out war. Taking the fight to another player is both simple and yet full of depth, deciding on your offensive units to take while not leaving yourself exposed is a fine art and one many people practice every day.

But one of the best features is that all of the games released keep being updated. There is no forgotten older title that just runs itself, there are special events, items and content updates all of the time. Because of this there is never any real stagnation in a game, and you can get your teeth into an old title or a brand new one and it will feel the same.

The groundbreaking ideas and games that have come out of this studio are simply amazing, and millions of players all over the world log in every day to participate in battles spanning different worlds. Whether you are battling other mercenaries in a corporate run future or roving the high seas in search of plunder there is something fun to do.

By taking the latest technology and mixing in simple but engaging ideas Plarium Browser Games have created some of the worlds biggest MMO Strategy Games. It is almost impossible to be a gamer and now know of their titles, and that says a lot about how many people play and love the games to come out of this dominant developer. There is a strong and bright future for Plarium and we are excited to see what they have in store for us over the next few years.

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