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Rise of Online CCGs

Rate this Article CCGs of today – given that they are ported over social gaming websites, opened up the possibility of playing with tons of equally eager online players to play with. Learn why a lot of people are into them and fuel the very rise of Online CCGs. MMO Square - Rise of Online CCGs

CCGs (card-collecting game) also known as TCGs (trading card games/the card game – of something) managed to pull-off a great crowd among eager online players over the recent years, somehow it has risen back to the limelight since the humble and early days of Yu-Gi-Oh card battle- and for a good reason.

And now, we're out to tackle those very "reasons" here on mmosquare.

Firstly - the game does not hag a lot of resources to play with. Without having to sacrifice great visual quality over the lot of its elements, CCGs mainly needs a great library of detailed and art-crafted cards to pull-off a great game with top-notch standards. Animations may contribute fairly a bit for the overall smoothness and flow of the game, but nonetheless make a great game with minimal resource-hagging graphic processes.

Secondly, the game can be played casually. Once you get the hand of it, there is no reason to get yourself at it for long periods at a time. The main gist of the game stays at it is and there will always be a player – the same level that you are, to get to be matched-up with. Otherwise, the will be the course of the campaign to get you moving on from your basic deck and advance.

Input control reliability issues. For some this may not entirely be a problem. A lot of gamers (especially pc-based MMOs) are accustomed with the keyboard as their main game controller. But for the lot of casual gamers out there, that is simply not the case. Apparently, the challenge that CCGs impart to us does not need much of reflex tapping to gimp you onto using your keyboard to play the game. Most of the titles out there can simply be played with mouse clicks over a very simple and functional user interface.

Now let’s move on to the actual game play. CCGs are basically the same with your faved real-life trading card game as popularized by Magic: The Gathering. In every title out there, there is still in essence the Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanics - put into play, but in varying ways and complex manners. CCGs usually features different attack types for different cards, as well as those to power you up, give you some leverage on the playing field, or used to fuse to – or as ingredient to make a powerful attack card.

Every player usually starts out with a deck that is comprised of varying numbers depending on the game. Players would normally customize this deck strategically to make sure of a smooth-flowing attack plan over their matches. CCGs are also known for the turn-based battle system. Every turn, the participating players, (or if you’re playing solo, you and the AI) would have to pick a choice of action. Both of the players’ resolve will then be shown after. These games type of play may sound a bit too simple, but it shouldn't be underestimated. It may rely on simple RPS mechanics, but it is tweaked in an elaborate way to get you that exact challenge that you wanted it for.

To put the icing on the top, CCGs of today – given that they are ported over social gaming websites, opened up the possibility of playing with a massive number of equally eager players to play with. Having a live playing community sealed the deal and made the game even more enticing and addictive than it already is. Here on mmosquare, we get to pick several CCGs to review every now and then - to get you updated with the list of the most sought after games on the genre.

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