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Teamfighting Tips for MOBA Games

Rate this Article Mastering the art of teamfighting is going to be one of the most important steps to becoming a top tier player of MOBA games. In this article we’ll be giving out some tips that’ll help you turn the tide of most fights in your favor as long as you keep them in mind. MMO Square - Teamfighting Tips for MOBA Games

MOBAs are pretty intense games and no matter how close a game is, it can often be decided in a single fight which is why you need to play each and every teamfight with perfection to ensure that your team comes out on top. If you don’t have good teamfight mechanics then you’re probably going to end up losing that game deciding fight at 40 minutes in and ultimately lose your team the entire match so it’s crucial that you always maintain good teamfighting prowess so that you can swing the tide of any match in your favor whenever a teamfight beaks out.

Proper target prioritization is the key to winning every fight no matter how difficult it might seem. Whenever a teamfight erupts, you must recognize prioritize the enemy backline and take it out as soon as possible. In most scenarios, the backline of the enemy team will contain its highest damage dealing characters so it’s crucial that you wipe them out immediately before they can dish out their damage and obliterate your entire team. Failing to prioritize the proper target almost always leads to a loss unless of course your opponent is really unskilled.

Realizing the role of your character is also an important thing to do before entering a fight. Certain characters are designed to do certain things and if you use them to do things other than those that they excel at then you will probably end up setting your own team back quite a bit. However, if you use your characters as they’re meant to then you’ll almost always end up turning the tides in your favor. For example, if you’re playing a character with strong area of effect initiation then you should never wander off trying to chase a stray but should instead look for situations in which the enemy team is clumped together so you can engage for your team.

Although staying focused is definitely a good thing, things can go awry real quick if players become tunneled on a specific target. Tunnel vision is often the root cause behind a lot of teamfight defeats because players lose sight of the big picture in hopes of picking off a target as quickly as possible. While yes, you should definitely try to take out the enemy carry as quickly as possible, you should also know when you simply aren’t in a position to do so and in situations like these you should divert your attention to another target that’s closer to you.

All said and done, as long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind whenever you’re participating in a teamfight in MOBA games, you’ll definitely be able to come out on top a lot more often than you usually do.

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