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The Benefits of Browser MMO games

Rate this Article Browser based MMOs have proven to be a great alternative to client-based games because of certain benefits. MMO Square - The Benefits of Browser MMO games

Massively Multiplayer Online games like Skyforge are typically offered as client-based MMOs. Client-based games require one to download an installer (usually at a very hefty size) in order to play the game.

That’s the disadvantage that most players find in playing a client-based MMO. Not only are their installers eat up big space in a computer, you’ll also have to continually patch the executable file in order to keep it up to date with the version on the developer’s server. Some players find it a hassle, which is why some prefer to play browser-based MMO games.

As their name suggests, these are MMOs that you can play out of a browser instead of a game client. One of the more popular games in this sub-genre within MMOs is League of Angels, but there’s also Nords: Heroes of the North and Bleach Online, among others.

What makes up the appeal of a browser-based MMO? One, it’s very convenient. There’s no need to download an installer, and to wait a few minutes or even hours while the game patches to the latest version in the server. All you have to do is just visit the game’s website, and you can play from there. It’s basically hassle-free!

Because a browser-based MMO does not require a local client, you’ll find that you can play them anywhere you want to. Some games are also mobile, so you can play it virtually anywhere as long as there is a good Internet or data connection that you can take advantage of.

In other words, if you’re waiting for your flight, and you have your laptop with you, you can simply turn that device on and go to the website for Sparta: War of Empires to play it while waiting for the aircraft to be ready for boarding. Isn’t it amazing?

Because they play out of a browser, you will notice that the games do not require much from your computer, especially from the processor and graphics unit. Given that you have a decent Internet connection, MMOs that are hosted online, instead of through a client, will load smoother and faster than client-based MMO games.

In terms of graphics, these games do not lag behind. Check out Magerealm: Rise of Chaos to find out! You’ll enjoy that game, for sure.

You’ll also find that most browser-based games use an Auto-Pathfinding feature. This is a useful feature when you’re doing quests. For instance, if you’re told to go to a certain character to fetch an item, you simply click on the Quest and the server automatically directs your character to where he or she needs to go. This feature makes browser MMOs very enjoyable – you can progress through your quests a lot faster than you could without auto-pathfinding.

Don’t hesitate to try browser-based MMOs. You’ll find it a unique experience, and just as enjoyable – if not more enjoyable – than the usual client-based multiplayer games. Check out the games that this article has mentioned above – they’ll be a great starting ground for you in experiencing the benefits of browser MMOs.

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