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The Different Phases of a MOBA Match

Rate this Article Every single MOBA match goes through a bunch of different phases before it finally draws to a close and one team comes out victorious. In this article we’ll be breaking down a full match and analyzing every single stage it goes through to give you a basic idea of how these games function. MMO Square - The Different Phases of a MOBA Match

First and foremost is the laning phase. This is the most straightforward and simple phase of the game since most players are matched up against their counterparts in 1v1 settings in the different lanes. The purpose of the laning phase is to make sure that players can get some gold under their belt which they can then use to purchase items for the fights that lie ahead.

If the two opposing players in a lane are playing fairly volatile champions, things can get fairly explosive since they’ll both be trying to kill each other over and over again which leads to a lot of action and of course fun as these players try to make an outplay happen. During the laning phase, the jungler’s job is to basically roam around the map and help out teammates that are losing their lane.

After the laning phase is the mid-game, also known as the skirmishing phase. Basically this is when players being prioritizing objectives over the usual lane farm and are roaming around the map to make some plays happen. A whole lot of 2v2 and 3v3 skirmishes occur during these phases since everyone is moving here and there trying to make something happen and get their team an advantage. If someone can play the mid-game properly, they can get their team a pretty massive gold lead which can then easily be transitioned into a win.

During the mid-game is usually when assassin type characters are at their strongest so they’re usually moving around the map trying to pick off a straggler. At the same time, the junglers of both teams are trying to secure various objectives which can either give the securing team a lot of gold or buff up their stats by a percentage value which is of course quite helpful.

Finally is the late game. Not a lot of games manage to get to this point since most of them tend to end at around 30-35 minutes but for the games that do get here, it’s basically the most explosive phase of them all. During this phase, the smallest positional mistake can lead to a loss so players are usually quite focused if they get this far. Every player is trying to push for the win during this phase so they’re taking out whatever towers they can or trying to secure buffs that will help them do so. Team fights in the late game are very enjoyable as well since they basically consist of all the players going at it with all they got.

The phases mentioned above are basically the three main stages that MOBA matches go through. While on the topic of MOBAs, we want to recommend that you try a few out since they’re all great fun to play.

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