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The Different Types of Weapons in FPS Games

Rate this Article There are many basic weapons in most FPS Games, and in this article we will discuss the different types, and their benefits. MMO Square - The Different Types of Weapons in FPS Games

The hallmark of all good FPS games is the fact that they generally offer a lot of weapons to choose from and these weapons are of many different types and each type of weapon is made to cater to a different play-style. In this article we’ll be discussing the kinds of weapons that you’ll see in FPS game and what kind of play style each is good for.

The first weapon type that every single FPS player is familiar with is the assault rifle type. Assault rifles consist of weapons such as the Ak-47 and the M4A1 and these weapons are generally designed for the frontline classes that most games also classify as assault classes. Assault rifles pack a high amount of damage with a pretty decent fire rate and a decent range as well so they’re a perfect fit for the players who prefer to get into the thick of things and take their foes head on.

Sniper rifles are the second type that we’ll be discussing since a team simply isn’t complete unless they have a sniper backing them up. Snipers rifles are long range high precision rifles and because of their tremendous damage at such long ranges, classes who utilize these weapons don’t even need to physically be present with their team because they can simply pick a safe spot that’s far away from the heat of battle and strategically pick off their enemies one by one until their team is able to secure a substantial advantage.

Heavy machine guns are also a fairly common weapon type and these are basically designed for the heavy gunners. Heavy machine guns sacrifice a bit of accuracy in favor of having a very high amount of ammo which allows heavy gunners to barrage their enemies with a seemingly endless stream of bullets and force them to go for cover while allowing allies to secure a strategic advantage in terms of positioning or objectives.

Moving further, shotguns are the next weapon type under discussion. Shotguns are fairly unique because they’re very close range but their strong point is that the closer you are to your enemies, the more damage you’ll be able to deal so these are made for the players who like to go up close and personal with their foes. The damage from shotguns can also be considered ‘area of effect’ in a way so they’re great for crowd control when you have a massive amount of enemies clumped up in one place.

Side-arms are one of the most common types in FPS games. Side-arms usually consist of short range semi-automatic pistols that players can rely on and fallback to in intense scenarios where they run out of ammo on their primary firearm. Side-arms are fairly reliable because of their accuracy at close to medium ranges and pretty much every person in an FPS game has one of these at their disposal.

All the weapon types mentioned above are the ones that you’ll commonly see in most FPS games and as you can already see, each type caters to a different kind of play-style. FPS games in general are pretty great because of the fast-paced actions and there are some great games of this genre available to play so we definitely recommend that you try them out as they’re capable of providing some great fun.

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