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The Enormous Gaming World: 3 Games You Need to Play Today

Rate this Article The gaming world spawns forth countless games every now and then, and recently, three games hogged the spotlight. Let's take a look at some of them: MMO Square - The Enormous Gaming World: 3 Games You Need to Play Today

Everybody loves games. Today, we can find anything we want. Moreover, there are many new gaming studios that are willing to conquer our love. Everyone can find something special for themselves. If you are willing to feel the adrenaline, there are many horror games or gambling games. Try to test your might by joining sports betting NZ.

There are also so many strategy games, shooters, etc. All of them you can find on different gaming platforms such as Steam. Let’s take a look at three games that deserve to be part of your gaming library.

The Knight Witch

The Knight Witch is a quirky new Metroidvania

Studio Super Mega Team and Team17 announced the postponement of the release of some versions of the dynamic Metroidvania The Knight Witch. The game will release on November 29 on PC and Switch, while PlayStation and Xbox owners will have to wait until December 2.

The reason for the transfer lies in the problem of increased speed, due to which the gameplay does not feel the way the developers intended. The Knight Witch is a fast-paced, hand-drawn Metroidvania adventure with shooter elements. Use spell cards, make friends, and make life-changing decisions to save your home and stop the golem war.

The Knight Witch promises over 30 varieties of cards, the choice of which will depend on your style of play. And witch knights draw their strength from the trust and gratitude of local residents, so there are many good deeds to be done.


Witchpunk game

The release of an unusual arcade game Witchpunk was held, in which a witch rides a skateboard and destroys enemies between kickflips and 50-50 on the railing. It all looks bright and crazy as if the game ran away from PS2, and according to the plot, the main character must defeat an evil corporation that wants to destroy Halloween.

The main character needs to perform tricks for which gains and mana are given, and with their help, defeat evil robots and prevent them from capturing the city. It all looks and sounds rather strange, but the arcade has a decent rating - 97% of positive reviews on Steam. The only negative is that it is rather short, but the reviews note that everything else is in perfect order.

Witchpunk is a student project that has evolved into a full-fledged free-to-play game. The game is available on Steam.


Yakuza games are extremely fun and quirky

Game Informer has published an article on the history of the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio, which gave us the Yakuza franchise. One of the most interesting details of the article was the story about the appearance of the mini-game "Karaoke" in it. The reason was the great love for this hobby by Ryosuke Horii, who worked on many parts of the series and acted as the game director of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Ryosuke Horii is so obsessed with karaoke that he keeps an electronic list of all the songs he can sing. Once a year, he prints out a fresh version of this list and carries it everywhere with him, including interviews with Game Informer. Ryosuke proudly showed it to the journalists, and they found out that the developer can sing 7964 songs to date.

So it's not surprising that the first thing Horii did after being accepted into the studio was to add a "Karaoke" mini-game to Yakuza 3. According to the developer, colleagues considered this a stupid idea and criticized him for forcing the main character to do such nonsense. However, over time, "Karaoke" has become so popular with gamers that it has become one of the most popular mini-games in the franchise.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon was released in November 2020. The eighth installment in the franchise is currently in development, with Ryosuke Horii once again serving as game director.

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