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The Future of League of Legends

Rate this Article League of Legends is a fantastic MOBA game that’s been around for quite a while now and over the years it has seen quite a lot of improvement and is overall just a better game than what it was at release. In this article we’ll be talking about the things that the future has in store for this game. MMO Square - The Future of League of Legends

First off, something that we’re pretty much certain to see in the future is the addition of new champions. Champions are basically the characters you play with and control during the game and one of the main things that have kept this game fresh and entertaining over the years are the new champion releases. Usually you see around one champion released every few months but in the future this rate is certain to increase and we’ll probably see a lot more characters released in a much shorter duration of time.

New gameplay mechanics are something that the game would certainly benefit from if they were added in the future. As it stands, the in-game mechanics of League of Legends are like most standard MOBA games. You have the usual forms of crowd control, the standard targeted/skill-shot spells and all that but some special mechanics like abilities with projectiles that can bounce off terrain or the ability to control the lane minions would be some really cool and unique things that would add a whole new level of depth to the game.

Some graphical updates would certainly be a great way to attract more players in the future. While yes, League of Legends has gone through quite a lot of visual improvements as of recently such as the map update, there’s no doubting the fact that it could still look better than it does right now. There are also some older characters that look quite outdated and these are pretty much certain to get a visual update in the near future to make sure that they’re in-line with the rest.

One thing about League of Legends is that while it is overall a rather competitive game, lower ranked players don’t really have a lot of tournaments to participate in. It would be quite amazing if there were regular tournaments that allowed the lower ranked player-base to show off their skills, these tournaments could come with prize pools which would certainly make more people show up leading to a much more enjoyable and competitive environment.

Pretty much everyone will agree that League of Legends is almost certain to get more champion skins in the future. Skins basically allow players to change the look of their champion in-game and they’ve been enjoyed by players quite a lot over the years. In the future we’re pretty much certain to see an increase of skin releases.

Overall, the things mentioned above are those that we feel are sure to happen to League of Legends in the days to come. However, even at its current state, it’s a fantastic game capable of providing some really memorable moments so we recommend trying it out.

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