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The Importance of Tutorials in MMORPGs

Rate this Article Tutorials are an indispensable part of MMORPGs. MMO Square - The Importance of Tutorials in MMORPGs

The first time is always the most difficult, they say. The same is true for MMORPGs. It could be a very difficult task to get used to controlling your character and undertaking certain actions. Long-time players of MMORPGs will not have of that difficulty even when transitioning to a new game, but it’s a different story for newbies or beginners.

Fortunately, each MMORPG features a tutorial during the players’ first few hours of gameplay. While some people could be annoyed with these instructions as they want just want to get on with the game, these tutorials are, unfortunately, very important to your overall experience with massively multiplayer online RPGs.

For starters, tutorials teach you the basic concepts of the game. They go more than just teach you how to move your character, how to attack an enemy using your weapon, etc. They also teach what actions you can take as you progress further into the game. MMORPG tutorials usually come in the form of Quests, at least at the start of the game. Quests teach you about tasks that non-playable characters (NPCs) could give you, and show you that there are rewards to following these sub-stories as well.

Tutorials also teach you what certain icons and menu items in the game are for. Some games use symbolic icons with no text references at all, so it can be confusing for some to find out which icon is for the Inventory, which icon represents the Shop where you can buy your items, and many others. If you skip through tutorials, you’ll still be able to find those but you’ll waste precious minutes doing trial and error – clicking on each icon to find out what it does for the game, for instance.

Think of it this way – without tutorials, you’re like a babe alone in the forest that has to fend for itself against predators, and the environmental hazards that threaten the lives of young creatures in the wild. These “hazards” are the stuff that you could encounter as you play through the MMORPG’s world against whom you might be unprepared if you skipped the tutorials.

Tutorials, on the other hand, will act like a friendly adult, probably a parent, who will take care of you and guide you along the way until you are able to navigate the dangers of the forest safely on your own. They will teach you the tricks of the trade so, not only are you equipped with the right gear and weapons, you also have the wits that can help you tackle those hurdles you meet when playing MMORPGs as easy as you throw your trash out to your backyard.

Besides, with tutorials being integrated into the game in the form of quests – although some MMORPGs have a full blown tutorial mode – learning through them will be as fun an experience as the real thing. You’re already playing the game when you go through the tutorials; these instructional texts and videos are just the game’s means to get you ready for the big thing.

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