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Things That Set The Good MMORPGs Apart From The Great Ones

Rate this Article There are certain MMORPGs nowadays that are head and shoulders above all the rest and, in this article, we'll be talking about the features that define all the standout games in this genre. MMO Square - Things That Set The Good MMORPGs Apart From The Great Ones

1: Lots of Classes to Choose from

Perhaps the biggest feature that truly makes an MMORPG great is a large variety of characters to choose from. It's evident from the past couple of years that only those MMORPGs that come with tons of character classes to choose from are the ones that can stand the test of time. MMORPGs with lots of classes to choose from primarily succeed due to the fact that they have a lot of replay value. If a player ever gets bored of the game, that player can simply start over with a new character class and enjoy the entire experience from a whole new perspective.

2: A Proper Questing System

A questing system is basically the backbone of every MMORPG and if developers neglect the questing aspect of their MMORPGs then they usually end up with a game that simply isn't viable in the long term. Quests basically ensure that players have something to do every single time they login to play the game and it's important that a game have a wide variety of side quests as well as main story quests to complete. Games without proper questing systems don't really gain that much popularity simply because there's not much to get players hooked onto them.

3: Balanced PvP

Almost all modern day MMORPGs worth their salt have PvP systems but there are very few games that come with PvP systems that are actually balanced. In most of these games, certain character classes are extremely overpowered in PvP scenarios and this makes the gameplay a lot less enjoyable because you'll almost always encounter the same overpowered class in a PvP match. One of the defining characteristics of a top notch MMORPG is a PvP system in which all classes are balanced and skill is the only factor that decides which player wins.

4: Social Features

The main reason MMORPGs even exist is to let people play with other players from around the world in a game world that's constantly expanding. However, in spite of the genre's emphasis on playing with other players, a lot of games tend to ignore social features entirely and this takes away from the experience a little bit. As long as an MMORPG has good social features through which players can interact with one another, that MMORPG is bound to have a large player-base.

5: High Quality Visuals

Of course it goes without saying that, nowadays, an MMORPG simply cannot succeed if it doesn't have top of the line visuals. There are a lot of players that judge a game simply based on how good it looks and if an MMORPG doesn't look the part, players aren't even going to give it a shot no matter how good the gameplay is.

All said and done, the aforementioned features are those that we feel should be a part of every single MMORPG that aims to be top tier.

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