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Tips and Tricks for Total Battle

Rate this Article Total Battle is a game that’s been turning heads ever since it was released and, in this article, we’ll be giving out tips that’ll help you succeed in the game. MMO Square - Tips and Tricks for Total Battle

Total Battle is definitely unlike a lot of other RTS games out there because it’s filled to the brim with unique features and, since a lot of the gameplay elements are quite distinct, a lot of players aren’t really able to play at their best since they don’t know how to utilize all the game’s features to their advantage. Fortunately, though, you don’t need to worry because this article will go through a variety of helpful tips and tricks that are sure to help you as you progress through the game.

First and foremost, the best thing that you can do to speed up your progress in Total Battle is by forming an alliance with players. Alliances have a variety of bonuses and a lot of players miss out on these bonuses because they feel that they’re better off by themselves instead of being in an alliance. We definitely urge players to get in an alliance as soon as they can in Total Battle because it has tons upon tons of benefits.

Making the most out of captains is one of the things that sets the good players apart from the great ones in Total Battle. The game features captains that can do things like explore crypts and bring back loot but a lot of players make the mistake of not using these captains to their fullest potential and this ends up hindering their progress. It’s highly recommended that you utilize the captains whenever they’re available because they’ll definitely speed up your progress and help you get a lot farther in the game than you usually would.

One thing to remember is that, while PvP combat is definitely quite fun, it can often be a little overwhelming so you should always stick to PvE combat such as attacking monsters until you have a proper army at your disposal. Attacking other players can often seem quite tantalizing because of the rewards that you can get if you succeed but, more often than not, players end up faltering in their attacks because they jump the gun and send out a half-hearted force. It’s recommended that you steer clear from attacking players until you have a full-fledged army that’s guaranteed to take down an enemy base.

Finally, one thing that you should always do is attack cities and monsters that are close to you. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is attacking a foe that’s a massive distance away from you. If you attack something that’s quite far away from you, you’ll end up increasing the duration of the battle by an absurd amount because your forces have to travel all the way to your opponent and back.

All said and done, the aforementioned tips are sure to help you succeed in Total Battle so it’s definitely worth keeping them in mind next time you play the game.

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