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Tips and Tricks to Dominating in Mobile Based Battle Royale Games

Rate this Article Mobile based battle royale games have become all the rage nowadays and, in this article, we’ll be teaching you how you can perform at your absolute best while playing these games. MMO Square - Tips and Tricks to Dominating in Mobile Based Battle Royale Games

If you’ve played any battle royale game on the mobile platform before then you likely know the frustration of closely losing out on a victory due to factors that you could have easily avoided. The following are things that we recommend doing in order to make sure that you have nothing hampering your performance while playing these games.

1: Adjust the button locations according to your preferences.

Adjusting the on-screen buttons is something that not many players do but it’s definitely recommended that you do it because the default layout in most battle royale games on the mobile platform is suboptimal at best and you can certainly perform a lot better if you were to fine-tune this layout according to your likings. Even minor changes like moving the fire button to an easily reachable place can end up having an absolutely enormous impact on your games because you’ll be able to fire immediately upon seeing an opponent.

2: Reduce the display settings.

While these games can certainly look pretty when the visual settings are cranked up to their highest, we recommend avoiding this and switching to lower setting due to multiple reasons. First and foremost, having lowered display settings will actually give you an advantage by removing unnecessary details from the game world thereby allowing you to spot your opponents with ease as soon as they enter your line of sight. The second reason for this is the fact that lower display settings lead to a much smoother frame-rates so you won’t get the stutters that may end up costing you the win.

3: Adjust each one of the sensitivity settings according to your liking.

Almost every single battle royale game allows players to adjust the sensitivity of aiming with the different scopes to whatever values that they prefer but most players don’t really take advantage of this option. It’s highly recommended that you adjust the sensitivity of aiming with each individual scope according to what you feel is best as this will help you perform better. A good start is by reducing the sensitivity of longer ranged scopes to the minimum value while increasing hip fire sensitivity a bit.

4: Enable any performance boosting settings that you might have on your mobile device.

Although this particular piece of advice might not apply to every single mobile device out there, it’s still worth knowing. A lot of mobile phones nowadays give players access to a high performance mode or gaming mode that reduces background processes and dedicates most system resources to the game being played and, if you have a device that has a mode of this sort, it’s highly recommended that you use it.

All said and done, as long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind whenever you’re playing battle royale games on your phone, we’re certain that you’ll be able to perform a lot better than you usually do.

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