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Tips for Succeeding at CCGs

Rate this Article CCGs can be hard to win at if you don’t have tons of prior experience with them but, in this article, we’ll be giving you some helpful tips through which you can turn the tides in your favor and come out ahead. MMO Square - Tips for Succeeding at CCGs

CCGs are the kind of games that one can never truly master because new elements are being implemented every couple of days and the slight element of luck definitely plays a part as well so there really isn’t any way through which players can play perfectly. However, there are certain tips and tricks that many veterans utilize in order to increase their chances of winning and, in this article, you’ll get to learn about these tricks as well.

The following tips and tricks are those that, when utilized, can certainly increase your win rate in CCGs.

1: Make sure you have a proper deck.

It doesn’t really matter how adept you are at playing CCGs unless you have a proper deck backing those skills up. Building a deck can be intimidating at first but, when done properly, it’ll certainly help you win a lot more games than usual so this is definitely the first thing that you should do. It may take a while before you can finally get to the perfect deck that suits your play-style but, in the end, it’ll be worth it because of all the games you’ll win.

2: Know when to play passive.

A lot of CCG newcomers think that they can simply bruteforce their way to a victory if they keep spamming attacks onto their opponents in order to whittle down their health bar but, more often than not, this isn’t actually the case. Often times it’ll actually be a much better choice to simply play defensively while making your opponents to make a mistake so, if you’re a player who goes on the aggressive way too much, this is something that you need to reconsider to improve your chances of winning in CCGs.

3: Never be afraid to try new things.

While you may have gotten used to a certain type of deck after a while and feel that anything else would just end up hindering your performance, you’d actually be surprised how much more successful you would be if you tried out the new things that keep surfacing in these games. Almost any CCG worth its salt receives updates on a regular basis and, usually, the best thing to do is to try out the new features that the updates bring to the table in order to make sure that you always stay ahead of the curve. Sometimes you’ll end up stumbling upon some new cards or strategies that’ll take your game to a whole new level and allow you to beat your opponents more frequently.

4: Treat every defeat as a learning experience.

Although this is something that applies to pretty much every other game out there, it’s especially true for CCGs because there’s always something that players could’ve done better in a match that they lose. Due to this, you should make it a habit to dissect your losses every time you’re defeated in order to analyze what went wrong and then try to work on the things that held you back.

All said and done, the aforementioned tips are sure to help you succeed in CCGs so, if you’re into this particular genre, we highly recommend keeping them in mind.

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