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Top 5 Browser-Based Anime MMORPGs

Rate this Article Anime is undoubtedly popular among gamers. Because of this hype, it’s not a surprise that game developers will want to adapt popular anime franchises into MMORPGs MMO Square - Top 5 Browser-Based Anime MMORPGs

Anime is undoubtedly popular among gamers. Because of this hype, it’s not a surprise that game developers will want to adapt popular anime franchises into MMORPGs. The result -- there are plenty of anime-based anime MMOs out there, and these five games are, so to speak, the best among the best.

First, you have Naruto Online. This game outdoes itself in recreating the Naruto universe in an MMORPG setting. While you don’t play as the fifth Hokage himself, you do get to play as one of the ninjas in his village. Choose one from out of five ninja classes, each with their own combat specialties and attributes.

The game is so easy to play that, by the time the tutorial ends, you’ll be able to steer your character towards victory. Master the skills of your ninja and dominate the enemy in turn-based battles. Connect with fellow Naruto fans and form Guilds with which you can take on objectives together.

Who wouldn’t want to reimagine Bleach’s world in an MMORPG? If you’re that kind of player, go ahead and play Bleach Online. It shares several mechanics with Naruto Online, including the turn-based battles and auto-pathfinding for your quests. However, it has its own unique features like the Skill Tree for each of your characters.

The skill tree provides you with a unique opportunity of cultivating not only your main character but all the characters under your team.

Let’s head over to the seas and become the Pirate King with Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the gang. One Piece Online brings the gang together in unforgettable MMORPG gameplay. Equip your team with the best gear there is, and watch them duke it out with their enemies in fully automatic combat. Explore the seas with your crew, build guilds with other players and simply be the best pirate around in that corner of the game’s world.

One Piece Online even inspired a sequel, One Piece Online 2.

Another anime popular enough to spawn a video game is Sword Art Online or SAO. There are various games created that centered on this anime spread out across different genres, including MMOs. In this genre, you have SAO’s Legend. This one is an interesting mix of dating games and MMOs. You engage other players and environmental threats in combat in order to gain experience and grow your battle rating.

However, when your level is high enough, you can go on dates with players whose genders are opposite of your own. If you get intimate enough with your in-game partner, you get to grow your BR as well as a result.

Last but not the least, you have Dragomon Hunter. This game requires you to collect Dragomons, monsters that terrorize the fringes of a fictional village. The game gives you various quests as well outside of battling and defeating Dragomons, so there’s enough gameplay content that you should enjoy here.

Looking for anime-based MMORPGs? These five should satisfy your need for an anime gaming fix.

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